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I was going to post about how I had a great time in Colorado with my boyfriend C.'s family the week after Christmas, but...well, maybe I still will talk (briefly) about that and then post a new year's meme shortly after.

His family is seriously great, all of them. They clearly tried very hard to welcome me, but even if they hadn't, I feel like I would've gotten along with them well. I was afraid before going that I would be horrible at cross-country skiing or that I wouldn't have anyone with me during the day of downhill skiing (since I stuck mostly to intermediate slopes), but those things were both false. Cross-country skiing was kind of like walking or hiking, and I liked it a lot. On downhill day, I was accompanied by people for the entire time I was there (and they never made me feel like I was holding them back, even though they're all more practiced than I am). The times at the vacation house - playing games, doing abstract art with C.'s mom, reading, cookie decorating, etc. - were also fun.

New Year's Eve in Denver was probably the worst part of the entire trip (C.'s friends were having a rare bit of drama/grumpiness, evidently), but I got over it. It helped that the friend I had most wanted to meet (and who was most curious about meeting me) came over to play Dixit with us on New Year's Day.

We (C., his sister, and me) also made croissants! They were surprisingly forgiving; even after we started with an overly sticky dough, messed up the timing at several stages of the process, and very slightly underbaked the first batch, they still turned out pretty well.

Basically, boyfriend has an A+ family and I really enjoyed spending time with him/them.
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