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Well, ISP (Independent Study Month) has finished and we're into the second week of the new semester. I still haven't finished all of my ISP work, but I'll get it done sometime; the teacher doesn't really require it until the middle of next August. Hopefully I'll have it done by the end of the semester, though.

My classes...I don't know. On one hand, I'm excited for most of them; on the other, I'm taking six classes when the "default" (or recommended amount, whatever) at my school is four. Such is life. If I get overwhelmed, I guess that I can always drop one, although I can sometimes be a little bit too stubborn when it comes to these things.

What I'm taking:

Physics II - This is pretty self-explanatory. I'm actually quite excited for the class, though, for two reasons: the teacher, who I like, is my advisor (meaning that I actually get to have a class with him!) and the material (electricity and magnetism) is actually new to me. I didn't actually take Physics at all in high school, but last semester's topic, mechanics, had a lot of material that I could have figured out just from having learned Calculus.

Physics II Lab - Also self-explanatory. My lab section is also taught by my advisor, and I get to pair up with my lab partner from last semester! Our first lab involved charging random things and then measuring the charge.

Introduction to Medieval Manuscripts - Okay, so initially I was torn between this class and Entomology, which is offered at the exact same time. The teachers (who are engaged) are fantastic, the topic is interesting, and the course itself is my first history one at college, so I'm actually happy now that I decided on this one. As a potential Religious Studies major (that, Physics, and Psychology are looking like my best options right now), I get a lot of enjoyment out of the religious aspect of some of the history. Plus, one of my roommates (a likely History major) is in the course with me! Overall, very enjoyable so far. Although there's a lot of weekly reading.

Beginning Russian II - Just a continuation of Beginning Russian I, although a lot of people didn't continue. There are only seven people in my class, now!

Biological Psychology - I was having trouble deciding between this class and Abnormal Psychology, but I want to learn about neurons. As long as I do the readings or pay good attention in class, this doesn't seem like it'll be too work-intensive.

Black Mountain and the New York School - This is a poetry class, and actually the one that I'm most iffy about (despite the fact that I was initially thrilled to even get into the course). It's aimed more at literature majors (which I am not, although I had a strong English backing in high school) and non-first-years (which I am not). Some of the poetry is quite good, but Charles Olson hurts my brain. Some of the class has felt a little overwhelming so far (there's a lot of reading and the poetry can be difficult to understand), but I'll give it another week or two.

So, yes. Not sure if anyone read that, but that's what's going on with my semester right now. I've also been still attending the "wallternative" parties (board/video/card games, things like hide-and-seek/sardines, and mafia) on the weekends, which actually involves me staying up late - sometimes past 2 AM, even! (Weird. Apparently I'm not as much of an introvert as I thought, although I'd still consider myself introverted.) And maybe I'll pick up Iaido (some sort of non-combative sword sport), which is an hour on Sundays.

Audition requirements for next year's Youth Philharmonic have been posted online. I would normally be somewhat indifferent, but the last excerpt is from Fingal's Cave. Most of you probably don't remember, but my high school orchestra played this piece in my junior year and it remains one of the most amazing things I've ever played, to date. If the audition excerpt is indicative of something that the Youth Philharmonic will actually be performing next year, then I am suddenly really motivated to have the most amazing audition ever.

Anyhow, this has been quite long, at least for me. Maybe I'll go and work on my Physics lab writeup now, since I'm vowing to not leave it to the last minute like I did for the majority of last semester.

If you read this whole post you get a virtual cookie, or something.
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When they taught me that what mattered most was not the strict iambic line goose-stepping over the page )

This is a poem that I read in the SAT II Literature test in October.  I remembered certain aspects and phrases, but hadn't been able to find it until very recently.

I really like some of the images and some of the phrases.

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Hello, f-listies!  I haven't posted much in a while, partially because I've been busy and partially because I don't have much to say.

First off, my orchestra trip to Chicago (Wednesday evening - Sunday afternoon) went excellently.

Some highlights:

- Chicago Symphony!  The concert was extremely good and engaging.  (Translation: I enjoyed listening to every minute of it and did not at any point fall asleep.)
- As an extension of the previous, I saw (and heard) Jean-Yves Thibaudet perform in concert with the Chicago Symphony; his playing was almost inhumanly perfect.  And he smiled during everything (which made me happy, because one could tell that he was really enjoying it).  And I, along with several other friends, got his autograph!  At intermission!  And he was super-nice about it!
*is seriously in love with this guy*
- I Am Not A Shopper, and therefore got slightly bored during the "look-at-clothes-in-ginourmous-department-stores" portion of the trip.  Luckily, my friend Courtney was the same way!  I amused myself by convincing Courtney to steal a wig from the head of one of the Forever 21 mannequins and try it on, and managed to get a picture a few seconds before one of the store workers appeared angrily to snatch the blonde afro back and restore hair to its previous owner.
- An Untouchables Tour of all of the old gangster spots of Chicago was fascinating, albeit hard to hear.
- other stuff that I'm too lazy to type up - planetarium, science museum, navy pier, skyline, tower, etc


In other news, school persists in its attempts to destroy me.  Grade-wise, I'm fine, but - augh!  French essay (actually written in French) due today, plus two French quizzes and a French test this week; Psychology writing assessment and Calculus test this Thursday; and a Psychology test this Friday.  Also, epic English essay of epicness (okay, only 7-10 pages, but still large by high school standards) is also due on Thursday, and 2-chapter European history test still needs to be made up at some point.  This does not include any of the various clubs and/or organizations that seem to have decided that this week would be a good time to meet after school, nor does it include the weekly viola lesson that always manages to be on the night before something major is due.

The horror, the horror!


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