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Although I still have to do stuff for French, many of my classes have degenerated into movie-fests.  (8-ish days of school left!  Chouette!)

In Psychology, we've begun to watch Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.  I like it so far (we've gotten past the famous shower scene), although I have to giggle at certain parts.  The hotel manager is terribly awkward.*

In English, we're about to be finished with The Hours.  Unfortunately, I missed the beginning of this one due to some AP test or another, so it took me a while to catch on.  I still like it, I think, although it leaves me feeling gloomy and morose for a while after watching it.  There's a lot of depression and neuroticism concentrated between the three central characters, and my ability to handle that kind of stuff fluctuates.  Before this one, we viewed Young Frankenstein, which was for the most part delightfully silly.

In European History, we just finished the film that is most interesting of the three - Der Himmel Uber Berlin, which translates to Wings of Desire** in English.  It's odd, and good, and weird, and sometimes sad, and sometimes dark.  Set in West Berlin during the Cold War, the movie mostly follows two angels who watch over the city; they are there, however, only as silent observers.  It's a lot about the human experience, as well as the general situation in Berlin at the time, and I liked it a lot.

In Astronomy, we are not watching a movie.  We are, however, working on end-of-year partnered projects.  My partner and I decided to look at sunspots and solar output as correlated with the UV index on earth to see if there is any connection.  Pictures of the sun's extreme ultraviolet radiation as taken by SOHO telescopes are really cool.  And shiny!  See:

*His hobby, which he mentions over dinner, is taxidermy.
**I think that the exact translation is actually something more like "The Heaven Over Berlin", but that isn't the English title.


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