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North Carolina is so fucked. :/

Actually, I'm really hoping not, but I've heard that Amendment 1 is likely to pass. It doesn't feel like there's much I can do about it, either, apart from hoping that my absentee ballot makes it back in time.

ETA: And...yeah.

Thank you for not completely sucking, Wake County (where I'm from) and a few other places. The rest of North Carolina is disappointing, not because I expected the measure to fail, but because I thought that the margin might be closer and/or there might be more than seven red spots on the map. Thank you, C., for comforting me last night and listening to me say the same things over and over about how surprised I was that my state could be so overwhelmingly shitty.
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Today is the day that my dog is being put to sleep.

She's been sick since November, although I've missed the brunt of it because, until yesterday, I was in college hundreds of miles away. Apparently she was doing okay for a while, but has recently been suffering. It's hard for her to eat without throwing it up later; it's hard for her to walk, or go up (and down) stairways. It makes sense that she should be put to sleep, but it's still hard.

At least she's over twelve years old, now, so she's had a long, full life. It's just hard to let her go.

Although my mom isn't back yet from the vet, her appointment was at 2:00. It's likely that she's already gone.

To the sweetest, friendliest, most loving dog that I've ever known: Rest in peace.

In a day or two I'll probably talk about some of the happier events that have transpired recently (like the Avenue Q show, or being stranded in the airport with someone else from New College, or simply being home), but for right now I just want to be sad.


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