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I was going to post about how I had a great time in Colorado with my boyfriend C.'s family the week after Christmas, but...well, maybe I still will talk (briefly) about that and then post a new year's meme shortly after.

His family is seriously great, all of them. They clearly tried very hard to welcome me, but even if they hadn't, I feel like I would've gotten along with them well. I was afraid before going that I would be horrible at cross-country skiing or that I wouldn't have anyone with me during the day of downhill skiing (since I stuck mostly to intermediate slopes), but those things were both false. Cross-country skiing was kind of like walking or hiking, and I liked it a lot. On downhill day, I was accompanied by people for the entire time I was there (and they never made me feel like I was holding them back, even though they're all more practiced than I am). The times at the vacation house - playing games, doing abstract art with C.'s mom, reading, cookie decorating, etc. - were also fun.

New Year's Eve in Denver was probably the worst part of the entire trip (C.'s friends were having a rare bit of drama/grumpiness, evidently), but I got over it. It helped that the friend I had most wanted to meet (and who was most curious about meeting me) came over to play Dixit with us on New Year's Day.

We (C., his sister, and me) also made croissants! They were surprisingly forgiving; even after we started with an overly sticky dough, messed up the timing at several stages of the process, and very slightly underbaked the first batch, they still turned out pretty well.

Basically, boyfriend has an A+ family and I really enjoyed spending time with him/them.
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The guy at the place I'll be working just sent me a syllabus for what I'll be learning and doing while on the farm, and I'm excited again! I didn't realize there would be an actual curriculum, with readings and lots of fruits and veggies to deal with. :)

In other news, I need to finish figuring out grad programs so that I know whether or not I'll have to take the Physics GRE. I don't really want to, but it would be silly to avoid programs because of that.

In other other news, my uterus doesn't like me very much today (though my periods have never been "bad" in the way that many people's are). It's feeling okay right now, though, and is probably just a sign that I need more exercise (which I was thinking, anyhow).
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I passed my undergraduate baccalaureate examination/thesis defense yesterday! It wasn't bad at all, and could've been even better if I had more time to study the pertinent Physics.

This means that:
A) I'm graduating!
B) More free time! I got to play Ultimate Frisbee yesterday, and will probably get to do it again next week. I saw Iron Man 3 last night. I hope to play Bioshock Infinite soon. And do karaoke with a few of my friends. And bake cake/cookies with the newly formed Asexual group at my school. By finals/graduation week, I'm entirely done with schoolwork, which is nice. A friend who graduated two years ago will also be visiting.

There's less free time than I think, though, because I'm finally applying for jobs. I already have something (Duke TIP Robotics TA) lined up for the summer, but I need things to do after that. On the plus side, I've found a few things that I might be interested in doing. Also: My friend L. has already said that I can work on his wife's farm in Virginia for a month or two and any point in time if I want to. That gives me a temporary fallback if I have nothing, and a potentially fun thing to do otherwise.

Should probably think more about what/if graduate school, and whatnot, but I don't know what I want to do with myself yet. Rochester Institute of Technology's Imaging Sciences program sounds intriguing, but it's the only one of its type.

Not sure yet what will happen with C. We're staying together after graduation, but it seems likely that we'll end up going our separate ways if we end up heading in different directions or being in different geographical locations. That makes me sad to think about, but I tell myself that it'll be okay - and it probably will be.

Usually the future is scary, but at this moment in time, things feel okay.
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My orchid (given to me for Valentine's Day) just got a new flower!


My parents sent me Easter candy, someone gave me free edamame, I spent some time with friends who I don't see very often, and I got to eat two mini orange cupcakes. The weather is lovely (cool but sunny), and I might watch the same friends play Bioshock Infinite tonight! Maybe I'll even get some thesis work done and go to origami club.
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Merry Christmas, you guys! I got Portal 2 and lots of CDs (The Decemberists, The Smiths, Stratovarius, David Bowie) and an Access Fund shirt and candy and a bag and a watch and craft supplies. And food was good and family was good (both my aunt and my grandmother approve of my boyfriend) and I just finished reading The Hunger Games series and my family's going indoor skydiving tomorrow (which I didn't realize until today, what?).
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Jul. 4th, 2010 10:17 pm
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I think that I mentioned a while back that I like sci-fi and horror films. I'm embarrassingly fond of bad sci-fi and horror, as a matter of fact - which is why I'm excited that I finally got to watch Tremors!

Tremors is one of those movies that I've always wanted to see but have never been able to watch - it seems to play on television a lot, but I only ever catch the same few minutes at the end. It's a comedy-horror movie about residents of a small desert town fighting off underground worm-creatures that want to eat them. And that can sense vibrations through the ground, however small, and are big enough and strong enough to drag cars underground, or knock over trailer homes. (They remind me of the sandworms from Dune, if that helps anyone to visualize.

Anyhow, the movie possesses just the right amount of silly, at least for me. (What can I say? I like camp.) I felt reasonably entertained while still caring about the plight of the characters. To the characters' credit, they managed to not be total morons! As opposed to some horror film protagonists.

It was fun, basically, without being too over-the-top. Score!

On a different note, happy fourth of July! My family celebrated yesterday by going to a gathering at a friend's lake house. At first I was a little reluctant about attending, because I don't have much in common any more with the girls my age (they're nice enough, but they're more extraverted than I am, into sorority life and partying and other things that I just don't care much about), but it was fine.
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Hello, hello! I haven't been around much recently, but I feel like updating.

Christmas was good and I got everything that I asked for - some CDs, some books, a t-shirt depicting Ben Franklin blithely flying a kite - and a few (nice) things that I didn't request. I've also had a good, albeit uneventful, break thus far. I attended my old high school's orchestra concert (and got to play in the Hallelujah Chorus at the end, as per tradition), met with some high school friends at a mall for several hours, and watched Fantastic Mr. Fox with a different friend and her family. It was funny and often entertaining - overall, I enjoyed it!

Yesterday, my family went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Although it wasn't quite Sherlock Holmes, and it wasn't quite canon (boxing, skanky love interest, occultish secret society, what?), I enjoyed it. I was also excited to see that Dr. Watson was given a fair portrayal. He's no Holmes, but he's still an intelligent, fit, and interesting man in his own right! It was also interesting (because I've read several of the books) to see how certain aspects of Holmes's character were interpreted.

Tomorrow, my family is going skiing. It's just a day-trip, but I'm excited. Maybe I'll bring my copy of Dune for the bus ride; I'm rereading it because I don't remember enough from when I read it a few years ago.

Other things I have done over break:
- watching more episodes of Buffy (I'm almost done with the second season now!)
- reading (Watchmen, The Hounds of the Baskervilles, The Gremlins, part of Dune, some more Dianna Wynne Jones)
- petsitting a dog and cat
- playing Portal
- lounging around and being a generally lazy bum

Things I have not done over break:
- practicing viola (oops)
- studying Russian vocabulary (oops)


Dec. 18th, 2009 09:05 pm
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Promised entry has been delayed because it's snowing outside!
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I'm done with everything. No more school for me until January! (And no more actual classes until February! We have an independent study period smashed in between the two semesters. I'm going to be learning about Germany's history through film - so excited.)

So, what have I been doing with my spare time?

Considering that I only officially finished everything at approximately 8:20 PM yesterday*, not much. I ate another one of my roommate's brownies. I threw out a sandwich in the refrigerator that had begun to grow moldy. (It looked like a promising meal prospect until I tore off the plastic wrap and realized that the cheese had acquired a very suspicious-looking white fuzz on the edges.) I practiced my Physics Skills with my other roommate in an epic game of pool. (Hint: Epic here means that I'm only slightly better than she is. Which is to say that we both sucked. And that I was winning, but that I probably scratched on the eight ball at least five times.)

Some things remain on the to-do list, like cleaning my pile of dirty dishes (all two of my bowls and all twelve of my pieces of silverware) and tidying my living space. Also, going to see Avenue Q this evening! My Student Affairs gave away some free VIP passes, which means that we get awesome seats and can meet the cast afterwards. I'm also tempted to go on a long bike ride today, but I'm waiting to see how the weather will be.

Oh! I almost forgot! Thanks, [ profile] dharmavati, for brightening up my profile! I love the snowflake and wish that I could send you one in return!

* I would have been done earlier, but had to finish writing up several lab reports that I got behind on. Oops.


Aug. 9th, 2009 11:03 pm
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On Friday I biked to the library!  It was my first time doing so - I usually just drive, because it's easier and more convenient - but the experience as a whole was lovely.  It was about 40 minutes each way, but I didn't seem to get tired as long as I drank from my water bottle every so often.  I only wish that it had occurred to me earlier to get to the library this way.  Because I live in the suburbs of an expanding area, there are a lot of busy roads outside of my neighborhood that I was afraid to bike on, until I realized that most of the more intimidating ones have sidewalks.

I've also been trying to eat more healthily recently, which means balanced diets and portion control.  Truth be told, I'm already a fairly healthy eater, although I tend to snack more than I need to.  I also have a definite sweet tooth that I'm not trying to eradicate.  I'm way too fond of my cookies and cake and ice cream and chocolate for that, and see nothing wrong with treating myself to these types of things as long as they aren't the main part of my diet.

This sounds totally obvious, but it feels good when I do things like this that are good for me.

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Okay, not much to say, but:

- I am back from D.C. It was great, but I'm tired, so all of the stuff that I have to say about it is going to go into a later post, maybe. If I get around to it.
- I'm currently reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It alternately makes me laugh and makes me feel sad (I'm not much of a crier) but I think that I like it.
- I'm apparently Elizabeth Bennet.

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

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Hello, my name is Emily and I like campy movies.

More specifically, silly sci-fi and horror movies, although sometimes other genres sneak past as well.  There's Bride of Frankenstein and there's Young Frankenstein (although, to be fair, that one's supposed to be silly), and then Batman: The Movie (featuring Adam West in a world where everything is labeled, including shark repellent, chyeah!), countless episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on television, which I've only seen a few of, to be honest - they always make me snorfle, though!  There's Jeepers Creepers and then there's Reptilian (which is probably a whole class of its own, since it has dinosaurs, aliens, horrifically bad writing and acting, and a completely random plot), there's Van Helsing with Fauxmanian Anna Valerius dying a horrid death from smush (can you tell that I've been reading too much [ profile] cleolinda  recently?),  your Twilight Zone episodes, and then...Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter?  What?


I digress.

The reason that this all became recently relevant has to do with the fact that my mom signed up for a free Netflix trial.  And she gave me access to the queue.  Bad idea.  Among the first movies I added?  Batman: The Movie, Labyrinth (with David Bowie!), Galaxy Quest, and Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.  Also, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, which is apparently awful in the plot department but which I want to see anyway because the title song is really catchy.

I...I don't know whether I should be embarrassed at this point, or just embrace the silliness.

(Also, just as a side note, it should be clear that I like good, non-silly movies too.  Really.  I promise that I'm not a complete crackpot.)
(Also also, I just changed my layout because I was feeling really dark and gloomy this afternoon.  No telling yet how long it'll stay - it may get changed tomorrow or it may last for a few years.)
(Also also also, I was watching a movie with my family tonight - a normal movie - and started wondering if I actually have some mild form of social anxiety or something.  Weird.  I mean, I know that I have some insecurities and other things, but have no way of knowing if they're the kind that are pretty typical of everyone or if they're on a larger scale than most people's.)
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Good news!  My great-grandmother might actually be fine.  (Sometime last week she began having kidney failure and it was thought to be only a matter of days, but she's apparently recovered now?)

Of course, this is the little 94-year-old Italian American who punched another woman in the nursing home for stealing her newspaper.  She's a tough old lady.


Other stuff that's been going on recently includes college visiting.  I went over to Chapel Hill on Monday (for the most part, it was a positive experience) and am flying down to New College (it's in Florida) later today.  On the 20th, I'll be at Duke.  And then I have to decide on colleges pretty quickly after that, which might be difficult because I honestly like all three.
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In my astronomy class, we've taken a break from astrophysics-y type things for a bit and started researching space exploration/the space program over time.  One group (we're split into groups to research/present different topics) was assigned to the pre-1940s space exploration and came up with this:


"According to one ancient legend, a Chinese official named Wan-Hoo attempted a flight to the moon using a large wicker chair to which were fastened 47 large rockets. Forty seven assistants, each armed with torches, rushed forward to light the fuses. In a moment there was a tremendous roar accompanied by billowing clouds of smoke. When the smoke cleared, the flying chair and Wan-Hu were gone." (source)

...I particularly like the last sentence.  :D

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I clicked the "view admissions decision" button fully expecting a rejection, and was met instead with a "Congratulations!"


(I probably won't end up going because it costs way too much, but - I GOT INTO DUKE!)
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They're always watching.
Boy meets girl and falls in love.
They put rats on him.

I found this online somewhere when I was looking for literary haikus. I like the last line.
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Hello, f-listies!  I haven't posted much in a while, partially because I've been busy and partially because I don't have much to say.

First off, my orchestra trip to Chicago (Wednesday evening - Sunday afternoon) went excellently.

Some highlights:

- Chicago Symphony!  The concert was extremely good and engaging.  (Translation: I enjoyed listening to every minute of it and did not at any point fall asleep.)
- As an extension of the previous, I saw (and heard) Jean-Yves Thibaudet perform in concert with the Chicago Symphony; his playing was almost inhumanly perfect.  And he smiled during everything (which made me happy, because one could tell that he was really enjoying it).  And I, along with several other friends, got his autograph!  At intermission!  And he was super-nice about it!
*is seriously in love with this guy*
- I Am Not A Shopper, and therefore got slightly bored during the "look-at-clothes-in-ginourmous-department-stores" portion of the trip.  Luckily, my friend Courtney was the same way!  I amused myself by convincing Courtney to steal a wig from the head of one of the Forever 21 mannequins and try it on, and managed to get a picture a few seconds before one of the store workers appeared angrily to snatch the blonde afro back and restore hair to its previous owner.
- An Untouchables Tour of all of the old gangster spots of Chicago was fascinating, albeit hard to hear.
- other stuff that I'm too lazy to type up - planetarium, science museum, navy pier, skyline, tower, etc


In other news, school persists in its attempts to destroy me.  Grade-wise, I'm fine, but - augh!  French essay (actually written in French) due today, plus two French quizzes and a French test this week; Psychology writing assessment and Calculus test this Thursday; and a Psychology test this Friday.  Also, epic English essay of epicness (okay, only 7-10 pages, but still large by high school standards) is also due on Thursday, and 2-chapter European history test still needs to be made up at some point.  This does not include any of the various clubs and/or organizations that seem to have decided that this week would be a good time to meet after school, nor does it include the weekly viola lesson that always manages to be on the night before something major is due.

The horror, the horror!


Mar. 12th, 2009 11:40 pm
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I'm just posting to say that Dr. B. (my English teacher) is always a really big ego boost - not that I necessarily need one, as my ego is approximately the size of Texas, but it's still nice to hear from him that he thinks I'm a really strong writer.

My mother is beginning to grow suspicious, as she seems to believe that surely not every sample of writing that I turn in can be classified as a Work of Brilliance.  I disagree.  Clearly I am just made of awesomesauce.

(In all seriousness I think that I am pretty good, although it must be admitted that said teacher seems to be a fairly easy grader.)
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Me:  I, Robot was a good book.
Michael (RL friend):  Yeah.
Michael:  Have you read any of the other robot books by Asimov?
Me:  O_o
Me:  There are other robot novels?
Michael:  Yep.
Me:  That are by Isaac Asimov?
Michael:  ...Uh, yes.
Me:  !!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I went to the library over the weekend and picked up two of them.  Also, I am now wanting to become a writer of sci-fi.  It's a cool genre when done well.

I am sorry if I am boring you with my tale of robot novels, but this has been overall quite a good week, and the Asimov novels have contributed to my happiness.  Other things that have been good are:

- 3+ mile jog on Monday afternoon, in which I meandered around the neighborhood and explored new side streets
- influx of warmer weather!  I can wear shorts now!  (although I had to shave in what was likely the first time in over a month)
- Indian dance club rehearsal in which I actually got the steps, for the most part
- early release day for tomorrow, the first that I've had in over a year
- my English teacher nominated me for some sort of essay contest
- I actually turned in transcript request forms for my two scholarships and got around to emailing people about rec letters
- surprise visit from this year's orchestra clinician went well - he seems like a nice, relaxed, funny guy


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