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I'm going to Wisconsin in a week or two and it's exciting but also a little bit scary.

I'll be working on a farm-type thing? That's also a spiritual/artistic center, with its annual meeting in October? They grow grapes for wine and have a garden.

The main thing making me nervous is that I should be there for two months (maybe more), and most of it will just be me and the institute's founder. I hope that we'll get along well. My S.O.'s aunt (who is wonderful) is the one who put us in contact, though, and I trust her.
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I'm happy and excited about the future, which is a great place to be in mentally.

I've written most of a chapter (out of three) of my senior thesis, and I think that the rest of the process will go okay.

I'm planning on taking the class on Medieval and Renaissance music that I inadvertently helped to inspire, because I really want to, and because I met with my advisor and he didn't think it would be too much.

I should be attending True/False film festival with C. in a little under a month. His aunt will be hosting us, and I just found out last night that his older brother will be there too. I'm really looking forward to the experience.

There might be a Hazards of Love production this semester that would give me a chance to play my viola for an actual thing. That'd be fun. I haven't heard anything in a while, so hopefully it's still on, but if not, I still want to make more of an effort with the viola and banjo.

I'm going to make this savory galette, and hopefully it will be awesome. If not, it'll be fun. I also want to try this and this (both cakes) at some point.

Maybe Duke TIP again this summer? I just applied a few nights ago, so here's to hoping for that. There's some scariness/anxiety involved with working for them again (especially if I go back to my old site), but I don't think there's much rational reason for that - I'll probably enjoy it. Plus, it seems like the summer of everyone I like returning, so it could be nice to see some of the people I never thought I'd see again. And if for some reason, I don't get hired...I'll find something else, and it'll be fine. Maybe even a real job.


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