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I passed my undergraduate baccalaureate examination/thesis defense yesterday! It wasn't bad at all, and could've been even better if I had more time to study the pertinent Physics.

This means that:
A) I'm graduating!
B) More free time! I got to play Ultimate Frisbee yesterday, and will probably get to do it again next week. I saw Iron Man 3 last night. I hope to play Bioshock Infinite soon. And do karaoke with a few of my friends. And bake cake/cookies with the newly formed Asexual group at my school. By finals/graduation week, I'm entirely done with schoolwork, which is nice. A friend who graduated two years ago will also be visiting.

There's less free time than I think, though, because I'm finally applying for jobs. I already have something (Duke TIP Robotics TA) lined up for the summer, but I need things to do after that. On the plus side, I've found a few things that I might be interested in doing. Also: My friend L. has already said that I can work on his wife's farm in Virginia for a month or two and any point in time if I want to. That gives me a temporary fallback if I have nothing, and a potentially fun thing to do otherwise.

Should probably think more about what/if graduate school, and whatnot, but I don't know what I want to do with myself yet. Rochester Institute of Technology's Imaging Sciences program sounds intriguing, but it's the only one of its type.

Not sure yet what will happen with C. We're staying together after graduation, but it seems likely that we'll end up going our separate ways if we end up heading in different directions or being in different geographical locations. That makes me sad to think about, but I tell myself that it'll be okay - and it probably will be.

Usually the future is scary, but at this moment in time, things feel okay.


Feb. 17th, 2013 12:17 pm
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Trying to plan for a (text-based) civilization-type game with friends makes me wish I knew more about ancient history, anthropology, economics, etc.

There's just so much that I don't know, and so much attention to detail that I'd like to give but don't know if I can without a lot of research that I may not have the time to do. On the plus side, I like that just the thought of playing this game is driving my intellectual curiosity in directions that I haven't traveled in a while. It seems like the best way to learn stuff is to make it personally relevant somehow.
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What an excellent night!

I went briefly to a going-away party for a couple of friends, then helped set up for the "wall" (a school-wide outdoors party that happens every Friday and Saturday night) that some of my friends were sponsoring.

The wall itself was a lot of fun later; the songs were danceable, the refreshments yummy (sugary cereal - like the kind that I never buy for myself but that's exciting to eat when I get a chance to have it - and milk, cucumber tea, a relatively weak and tasty punch). We also sought out the board- and video game group on campus and played Ricochet Robots twice.

There are also wonderful things that are harder to explain, like the fact that C. and I kissed outside of his room and then our friends who live across the balcony burst out from their room and started shouting that they saw us. (I guess that it's a sort of running joke that we aren't very public with our affection.)

Today, the plan is to go with L. the fencing coach to an Asian market that he visits sometimes! I don't know anything about it, but it sounds exciting!

I hope that rock opera night happens on Monday (fencing coach and some other friends have been planning on having a rock opera/random exotic alcohol - like absinthe - party for quite some time), but I guess I shall see.

Oh! This is unrelated to anything else that I've talked about, but I started trying yesterday to make diagram instructions for an origami spaceship that a friend made me two years ago. It's tedious, but doable (I think!).

I've been enjoying my non-busy class schedule (Electricity and Magnetism, Christian Scriptures, Computer Simulation Methods, and a lab tutorial that I need to start going in for) and have high hopes for some of the fun things I want to do, like ultimate frisbee. I know that things will get busier, but I hope that I'll be able to manage classes, senior thesis work, TA work, extracurriculars, and other social activities without getting too stressed.
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Today, I had my first banjo lesson! From a friend who's in town for the month of June. I learned how to tune it, hold it, pluck it, and play a few chords and scales. I also learned the basic idea of tabs, since I've never played the guitar or any other instrument that uses them. The friend who agreed to teach me is a pretty cool guy, so I look forward to the rest of our lessons - he's fun and easy to interact with.

I guess that I never mentioned that I'm back at my college for the rest of the summer - I'm doing research in my professor's Optical Spectroscopy and Nano-Materials Lab. It has the potential to be kind of boring, I guess, but for right now I like my project (studying the ferroelectric phase transitions of barium titanate with the direct scanning calorimeter). I also get a stipend, so it's not a bad deal overall. This is the first time I've worked a 9-5 job (Duke TIP was full-time, but the hours were a little different), and it's an interesting experience. Eight hours at a time feels like a sort of long day to me, but once I'm done, I'm done. I don't feel very obligated to work on my research in the evenings, although that might change after I start actually doing things as opposed to just reading.

I've also spent a bit of time with some of my friends from fencing: R. and her boyfriend C., and the coach, who is an adult with a family, but who still manages to be fun and slightly odd (his house is full of disco equipment and really nice speakers - because he got them from his friends who rented a space to a gay club that didn't pay the rent) and incredibly good at making friends. Tomorrow is his birthday, and he's having some of us over for dinner at his house to celebrate. People keep on feeding me, which is great! I should learn how to cook at some point, but if my friends are going to make me dinner (this will be the second one this week from people who I fence with, and the guy giving me banjo lessons offered me a milkshake), then it won't even be necessary.

The house that I'm staying in is reasonable, and both of my female housemates seem fine enough. There are three dogs, though! Between two people. When I came home on Monday, one dog was chilling on my bed and another had ripped up a few unused tissues in my room. Silly dogs! I've started closing my door when I leave.

I like dogs, though, so I don't really mind.
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Barring any unexpected changes in plans, I'm going to see Wicked in late May! It's great, because a day or two after I was talking about how I hoped she hadn't forgotten (and months after the original proposal), my mom texted about buying tickets to see it with me.

I think that I'm doing okay on work, but I definitely haven't been as productive as I would have liked; hopefully today I'll do some math (Partial Differential Equations, Probability) and maybe even some Physics (Statistical Mechanics, mostly). I also need to finish my scholarship application; it's been almost complete since Monday, but I still need to write a paragraph about my goals and future plans and such. Even now that I've chosen an undergraduate major, my future plans are pretty nebulous. I don't know what I want to do! I have a lot of half-formed ideas of things that I'd like to do, including stuff that's vaguely related to my academic background (research scientist, geophysicist) and stuff that's way out in left field (blacksmith/artisan, park ranger, librarian).

I did make soup yesterday! Pasta e fagioli, from a pretty cheap, easy recipe that my mom sent to me a while back. I figured that spring break would be a good time to try cooking, since I have a lot of time, not many people are around, and the food service is pretty limited.

I also have hung out a little bit with the few people who are around over break, which has resulted in me seeing a few new shows. I watched two episodes of the My Little Pony show with all three of my friends who are around, the first episode of White Collar with J, and the first episode of Being Human (U.K.) with my roommate K. I haven't played frisbee or Skyrim yet with C, though. It's been gorgeous outside; I should really get on that soon.

Anyhow, I think that I ought to try productivity for a while. Maybe I'll go to the library so that there's less option for me to goof around.
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Recently I've had REU stuff on my mind a lot...even though my chances for getting one are supposedly at least reasonable, I'm not convinced that any of them will take me. I reapplied to work at Duke TIP today, although I mentioned that I would prefer being a TA over an RC this year. I'd definitely be happy to work for them again, and the main reason I can think of for them potentially not taking me back is if most of the positions are already filled. It's best to put in an application by January or February, but I was afraid of getting an offer and being put in the position of not knowing whether or not I should accept it - as much as I like TIP, I'd take almost any research internship over it.

Sorry, anyone who reads this. I don't want to be a huge complainer; I just feel a little bit anxious and a little bit inadequate right now. Also, I'd rather prepare myself for the worst so that I'll be okay if I end up working at home over the summer or excited if some program does accept me.

Edit: Also, I just received an email from one of the programs to which I applied telling me that I wasn't considered for their program because my application package was incomplete. I have the sinking suspicion that one of my recommenders didn't send in a letter and hope that it's a one-time fluke rather than a common trend. :(

In other news, I'm behind in several of my classes (not so great), although I think I'm doing okay in Statistical Mechanics (good). Also, I have a big musical performance thing tonight at 8 that incorporates the ensemble I'm in along with a few other groups, so that should be exciting. Still need to figure out what I'm wearing, because clothing is hard and I'm not very good at it.

Also! I've totally been enjoying myself in Goju recently, fencing is good (although our coach might be leaving us?), and I finally went to frisbee last Sunday - it was fun! So I'm at least not sitting in my room all the time.

And did I ever post about how C's aunt and sister came down to visit him a few weeks ago? That was cool. They took me to a play (Once in a Lifetime - it was pretty funny) and then back to their hotel room afterwards to talk and eat brownies. We also cooked pasta and vegetables (that his aunt got from the farmer's market) together for dinner the next night, which was fun and tasty. I felt very honored to be included in some of their family activities and was relieved to find that talking to them felt fairly natural.,

And there was karaoke last night with two of my roommates and our fencing coach, his treat. In such a small group, I sang a lot more than I have at karaoke in the past. I like singing, but am a little bit more shy and definitely less pushy than a lot of my friends. That was fun too.

Tl;dr - I'm a little bit stressed, but there's a lot of good stuff in my life too. Sometimes it's important to maintain perspective.
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As I said before, this has been one of my favorite independent study periods in that I feel like I've gotten slightly closer to figuring out balance. The past few days have not been as good, workload-wise, but a large part of that is owed to the fact that I had six REU (they're basically undergraduate research internships) applications due on the first of February and I put off much of the application process until the day before.

Miniclasses went on throughout all of yesterday and are continuing through part of today - basically, for those who don't know, they are scheduled 15-minute chunks of time in which a professor talks about a class that they are teaching and explains the type of material that will be learned, or workload expectations, or how capping procedures will work (who will be let into the class), and other pertinent information. In my first year of college, I went to a miniclass in nearly every time slot; I've since grown a bit more relaxed.

I did find out that I apparently should take Probability alongside Statistical Mechanics; with Partial Differential Equations and/or Solid State Physics (depending on whether one of them can be convinced to move to a non-conflicting time), that brings me up to three or four Physics/Math courses for this semester, which is okay but more than I was originally counting on. For my fifth class, I'm looking into Entomology or one of the art classes - Drawing or Sculpture.

In other news, my laptop monitor has stopped working! Yay!

In other other news, I get to TA Gen Chem again next semester, and my adviser asked me if I'd also be interested in running a once-a-week hour-long session with his astronomy students.

In other other other news, these Original Sin Bars look delicious and I kind of want graham crackers and chocolate and powdered sugar so that I can make them now. Actually, this weekend should be a baking weekend anyhow. I already bought the chocolate chips for the cookies that I first made here and have prepared a few times since then. It's a pretty big recipe, so I might like to mail some to my sister this time.
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As of Thursday morning, I think, all of my evaluations from last semester were in. I passed everything (no real surprises there), although my Classical Mechanics professor said that I'd do better if I did more consistent work throughout the class. Which...fair enough. It's not like he was particularly mean about it, or anything, and it's accurate. All the other ones were nice, although I think that my favorites were Quantum Mechanics II and Western Monasticism. Quantum Mechanics II because apparently I did a lot of good things and earned a strong sat (satisfactory), and Monasticism because...well.

We had a project partway through the course that involved splitting up into groups and copying part of a manuscript (in this case, The Rule of St Benedict) with calligraphy pens into a quire of paper that we had cut, pricked, and ruled ourselves. Since I knew a little bit about calligraphy, I made an effort to mimic the Caroline minuscule script from the example manuscript he gave us to read online. This was not required, but apparently my efforts were appreciated.

"I particularly liked the beautiful minuscule with which you copied the text, in character and ductus similar to the writing of the eleventh-century monk Otloh of St Emmeram (who, incidentally, wrote a treatise on astronomy with William of Hirsau)."

I got compared to a real, live dead monk. And not even in general handwriting apparently looks like that of a specific guy. After I finished cracking up at the specificity of it all, I felt like a winner. At life.
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Duke TIP doesn't hate me (I got the email from them inviting me to apply again for a position next summer).
I got back a Buddhism paper that the teacher said was "very good" and "thoughtful".
I felt okay about my performance on the second Classical Mechanics exam--even though my score wasn't impressive, it was solidly in the satisfactory range and I felt reasonably comfortable with my understanding of the material.
I got a package in the mail today containing white-chocolate and peppermint-covered pretzels.
Tomorrow is Veterans Day and my only class is from 8-9 AM. Since it's also Friday, I basically get an early weekend.
Someone actually showed up to my Chemistry TA session, so I can finally say that I've helped a student with homework questions.
Things seem pretty solid with C. (My somewhat new-ish first-ever relationship. Communication is pro, basically.)
My medieval monasticism class is doing a group project that involves copying a quire of the Rules of St. Benedict.

Things are generally going well for me right now!
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I guess that I haven't updated much recently, although it's honestly seeming like once or twice a month might be the norm for me now.

Uh... ISP (Independent Study Project) month is almost over for me now, although my work on it isn't. I've been stressing a lot recently over my schedule for next semester, so I've gotten even less work done than usual. :( Part of the issue is that I worry about things and then avoid dealing with them or deal with them in ways that are unproductive, which only leads to more worry and unhappiness. Executive decision-making is hard.

Classes for next semester start on Monday. I'm looking at:

1) Quantum Mechanics - This class sounds kind of hard and scary, but it's the logical continuation of last semester's Modern Physics course.

2) Linear Algebra

3) General Chemistry II

4) Comparative Politics or American Politics - I haven't decided which one yet. They're both intro-level courses and apparently both reasonably interesting. The professor for American Politics is supposedly slightly better, but the Comparative Politics class might have more unfamiliar material in it.

5) Complex Analysis or Graphs, Networks, and Algorithms or Optics - This is the choice that I've been agonizing over, mostly between the first two. Complex is more "pure" math whereas Algorithms seems more computational and application-based. I'm interested in both of them but don't think, given the rest of my schedule, that I should take both. I'm not sure which is more useful or which I'd actually enjoy more. I wish that I could look at the textbooks, but I don't want to purchase them before I know which class I'm taking.

6) Scientific Computing Tutorial - I'm learning with a friend and a teacher who I really like how to use computers to solve problems for me!


Dec. 18th, 2010 10:11 am
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As of...well, about a week ago, I'm done with the semester and back in North Carolina. I've mostly been reading or playing computer games or mucking around on the Internet, but it's still good to be back. I woke up on Thursday to a tiny dusting of snow, which already makes my hometown superior to my school in Florida. (Then again, there are some really nice things there, too, like the bay - perfect for watching sunsets and the occasional moonset.)

I'm not so great at being sociable, but I've already seen my old orchestra teacher and have been to my church. (I really love my church, you guys, even if I'm not always sure of my spiritual inclinations!) There are plans for meeting with a group of friends, probably after Christmas, for a mall date or something. I'm going skiing with my family and some other families on the 27th! My dad just brought up the possibility of ice-climbing a few days after that? (I've never been ice-climbing, but he's big into climbing and has gone before; it would be cool if he took me and I could say that I tried it.)

My younger sister got back from her school yesterday and my whole family went out to dinner before going to see the newest Harry Potter movie. I had already watched it once with a group of friends, but didn't mind going again. As annoyed as I get with my sister sometimes, I was happy to see her. :)

So! Things have been going well for me overall. They're pretty slow on a day-to-day basis, but generally good. Course evaluations have been trickling in; right now I have three out of seven and they're all pretty positive.

I hope that your winters have been going happily as well! (If they haven't, then I hope that things get better for you.)
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About a month ago, I started taking a half-semester tutorial on graphic novels. It's been pretty interesting so far and involves relatively small amounts of work; we read graphic novels falling into a specific theme (underground, autobiographical, manga, etc.) each week and discuss them for two hours on Wednesday. The course also includes a written response component, in which we write a blog post or draw a comic pertaining to the week's theme. I usually just write a response, but for autobiographical week I drew something!

It was fun to make! :D I don't know how interesting it is to a general audience, but two of my roommates said that they liked it. I am pretty unfocused a lot of the high school for a while, I thought that I probably had some mild form of attention deficit disorder (not because of spaciness, but because I also have a few issues with attention and focus that I've had to compensate for in various ways).
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I'm at college now, and have been at college for a little over two weeks. I haven't stopped checking this site completely, but I haven't been commenting much.

I'm taking six classes again this semester, which is busy but seems to be going all right. I need to make sure that I enforce a good bedtime, though; even on days when I don't do as much work, I've been getting to bed after midnight.

Classes )

As anyone reading this might've gathered, I'm still pretty seriously considering a Physics major. I enjoy so many different subjects (so many!), but Physics is something that I can see a lot of different possibilities in (as opposed to Religious Studies or some of the other things I've been considering). I may not end up as a lab researcher, but I can take it into biopsych or archeology or astrophysics or meteorology or engineering or arms history (like V-2 rockets or U-boats or airplanes - so cool!). This isn't to say that I'm 100% decided on anything yet, but I'm certainly leaning in that direction at the moment.

Other stuff? People (friends) are still nice to hang out with. Yay! I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with others recently, which we all enjoyed. Most of the other stuff that we do together is fun but probably not very interesting to talk about; we watch things (sometimes), hang out, play video games, play other kinds of games, talk, and just do general college student-y things.

Oh! I did join Parkour club. I had doubts, but the first meeting was a whole lot of fun! We learned how to vault onto/over walls (I can't do much of the "over" bit yet, unless I'm working with a fairly short wall) and roll (to break falls, I suppose).
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A) My family is driving me back to college tomorrow! I hope that I have a good year ahead of me. I probably should've done more stuff with friends this summer, but that's okay.

B) I babysat for three really sweet girls last night. They're one of my favorite families to sit for, because the kids are always friendly and fairly easy to handle. Their mother told me that her kids had asked for me, too! ^___^

C) My 10-15 page essay on Berlin films that was assigned back in January (but was given a due date of August 15th) got finished yesterday...on August 15th. Never mind that I've had the whole summer to work on it and only seriously started doing stuff about a week ago. I am willing to admit in this case that I am a poopyhead procrastinator.

D) My mother took me to see my grandfather on Saturday. Although he varies from day to day, he was...pretty out of it when we were there. (He has emphysema; he used to work as a higher-level in textiles, which is probably the main thing that caused it. Although he's on oxygen, we still think that he's having trouble getting enough.) On the plus side, my grandmother may be able to relax a bit more and take better care of herself now that he's been moved into a nursing home. She's been taking care of him for a while and it's really worn her ragged.

E) On a happier note, I'll probably get to watch Star Wars: Episode V with my family tonight! I'm one of those weirdos who hasn't watched the original trilogy, so this is a good thing. After this one, I'll only have to see Episode VI at some point.

F) My sister's bracelet (mentioned a few entries back) is pretty much finished. I just need her to come back from the beach so that I can know how big around it needs to be for her wrist!


Aug. 9th, 2010 11:26 am
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I made my chocolate fudge cookies from my friend's recipe on Saturday! They contain a lot of chocolate and butter and other things that are meant to be consumed in small quantities, but they taste so goooood!

This is what they look like when they're filling up the cookie jar!

Also, off topic:
In terms of college textbook-buying, saves my life.  That, and international editions.  For serious--even though I could probably, technically afford to purchase books at full price, things like the Stewart Calculus 6e priced at $225 new or $100+ used were making me go all D: .
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I went on Sunday night to a showing of The Magic Flute! Even though I had a paper due on Monday (and stayed up until 5:00 AM finishing said paper), it was well worth it - I had never been to an opera before. (I have seen a film version, but seeing it in person was so much better!)

Papageno was my favorite character, as always.

This week at my school is assassins week. Everyone who signed up to play gets two different targets; when someone "kills" his or her target (with a squirt gun, spoon in the back, or "poison" sticker) they take on the target of the person who they just killed. It's fun, but makes me paranoid.
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I'm so tired right now! Today, I went to the Renaissance Faire in Tampa with some other people from my school - one of the medieval history professors organized a trip. It was sort of a money-suck in terms of food and drink, which were pricey, but overall I had fun. My roommate and I learned how to fight with daggers and weave baskets from a group of supposed 15th-century Germans, and a whole bunch of us from my school watched the giant chess match/trial thing.

Swankivy, I think that I saw you there! (Unless I was just imagining things, in which case you can correct me.) I would've considered saying hi, but I was with my roommate and thought that it might be a little weird.

In other news, I seem to be hanging out with a lot more guys than girls recently. I'm not quite sure why that is, although they're more likely than my female peers to want to play games that involve running around. That's always a plus.

I also practiced viola for a short while today!
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Well, ISP (Independent Study Month) has finished and we're into the second week of the new semester. I still haven't finished all of my ISP work, but I'll get it done sometime; the teacher doesn't really require it until the middle of next August. Hopefully I'll have it done by the end of the semester, though.

My classes...I don't know. On one hand, I'm excited for most of them; on the other, I'm taking six classes when the "default" (or recommended amount, whatever) at my school is four. Such is life. If I get overwhelmed, I guess that I can always drop one, although I can sometimes be a little bit too stubborn when it comes to these things.

What I'm taking:

Physics II - This is pretty self-explanatory. I'm actually quite excited for the class, though, for two reasons: the teacher, who I like, is my advisor (meaning that I actually get to have a class with him!) and the material (electricity and magnetism) is actually new to me. I didn't actually take Physics at all in high school, but last semester's topic, mechanics, had a lot of material that I could have figured out just from having learned Calculus.

Physics II Lab - Also self-explanatory. My lab section is also taught by my advisor, and I get to pair up with my lab partner from last semester! Our first lab involved charging random things and then measuring the charge.

Introduction to Medieval Manuscripts - Okay, so initially I was torn between this class and Entomology, which is offered at the exact same time. The teachers (who are engaged) are fantastic, the topic is interesting, and the course itself is my first history one at college, so I'm actually happy now that I decided on this one. As a potential Religious Studies major (that, Physics, and Psychology are looking like my best options right now), I get a lot of enjoyment out of the religious aspect of some of the history. Plus, one of my roommates (a likely History major) is in the course with me! Overall, very enjoyable so far. Although there's a lot of weekly reading.

Beginning Russian II - Just a continuation of Beginning Russian I, although a lot of people didn't continue. There are only seven people in my class, now!

Biological Psychology - I was having trouble deciding between this class and Abnormal Psychology, but I want to learn about neurons. As long as I do the readings or pay good attention in class, this doesn't seem like it'll be too work-intensive.

Black Mountain and the New York School - This is a poetry class, and actually the one that I'm most iffy about (despite the fact that I was initially thrilled to even get into the course). It's aimed more at literature majors (which I am not, although I had a strong English backing in high school) and non-first-years (which I am not). Some of the poetry is quite good, but Charles Olson hurts my brain. Some of the class has felt a little overwhelming so far (there's a lot of reading and the poetry can be difficult to understand), but I'll give it another week or two.

So, yes. Not sure if anyone read that, but that's what's going on with my semester right now. I've also been still attending the "wallternative" parties (board/video/card games, things like hide-and-seek/sardines, and mafia) on the weekends, which actually involves me staying up late - sometimes past 2 AM, even! (Weird. Apparently I'm not as much of an introvert as I thought, although I'd still consider myself introverted.) And maybe I'll pick up Iaido (some sort of non-combative sword sport), which is an hour on Sundays.

Audition requirements for next year's Youth Philharmonic have been posted online. I would normally be somewhat indifferent, but the last excerpt is from Fingal's Cave. Most of you probably don't remember, but my high school orchestra played this piece in my junior year and it remains one of the most amazing things I've ever played, to date. If the audition excerpt is indicative of something that the Youth Philharmonic will actually be performing next year, then I am suddenly really motivated to have the most amazing audition ever.

Anyhow, this has been quite long, at least for me. Maybe I'll go and work on my Physics lab writeup now, since I'm vowing to not leave it to the last minute like I did for the majority of last semester.

If you read this whole post you get a virtual cookie, or something.
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I'm done with everything. No more school for me until January! (And no more actual classes until February! We have an independent study period smashed in between the two semesters. I'm going to be learning about Germany's history through film - so excited.)

So, what have I been doing with my spare time?

Considering that I only officially finished everything at approximately 8:20 PM yesterday*, not much. I ate another one of my roommate's brownies. I threw out a sandwich in the refrigerator that had begun to grow moldy. (It looked like a promising meal prospect until I tore off the plastic wrap and realized that the cheese had acquired a very suspicious-looking white fuzz on the edges.) I practiced my Physics Skills with my other roommate in an epic game of pool. (Hint: Epic here means that I'm only slightly better than she is. Which is to say that we both sucked. And that I was winning, but that I probably scratched on the eight ball at least five times.)

Some things remain on the to-do list, like cleaning my pile of dirty dishes (all two of my bowls and all twelve of my pieces of silverware) and tidying my living space. Also, going to see Avenue Q this evening! My Student Affairs gave away some free VIP passes, which means that we get awesome seats and can meet the cast afterwards. I'm also tempted to go on a long bike ride today, but I'm waiting to see how the weather will be.

Oh! I almost forgot! Thanks, [ profile] dharmavati, for brightening up my profile! I love the snowflake and wish that I could send you one in return!

* I would have been done earlier, but had to finish writing up several lab reports that I got behind on. Oops.


Sep. 16th, 2009 07:17 pm
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Yesterday, I went to a Unitarian Universalist meeting at my school.  This was my second time with the group, and the whole thing for the most part seems to be something that I'll continue.

One thing that I found rather interesting, though, was the number of people in the group who seemed to be somewhat wary of Christianity, specifically.  (Not in the sense that they actively disliked Christians, or any such thing; one of the most basic tenets of UU-ism is that they're accepting of different systems of belief, which is probably one of the reasons that I gravitate towards that kind of group.)  It was just something I noticed in the types of things that some were commenting on, like the fact that several mentioned that they were bothered by the use of Jesus's word in readings before realizing that he was simplly regarded as a wise man with valuable things to say, or the fact that several people were turned off by the idea of a UU "church" as opposed to a more generic term.

Obviously, I realize that some Christians these days get pretty bad reps because of the fundamentalists, but speaking as someone who attends a church, not all of them (us?) are really that awful.  I'm more interested in spirituality in general and accept the validity of different faiths, which is why I'm not quite sure if I count as a Christian at this point or not, but I really love my church community at home and can assure you that the people there (or at least most of the ones that I've talked to) are for the most part very accepting, friendly, and open-minded.

Perhaps many of the people there were more wary of Christianity in general because a large majority of them were not at all from Christian backgrounds (a lot of Jews and Pagans, in particular), or perhaps it is because of those Christian fundamentalists who firmly believe that theirs is the only right way.  Perhaps it is a combination of the two factors.

I understand why the use of terms associated with Christianity (such as the beforementioned example of "church") might turn people off, but I'm afraid I don't completely understand the initial problem with the teachings of Jesus.  It would be sort of like me, as someone who was raised Christian, reading the words of Muhammad or some other religious or spiritual leader for insight.  I like doing that sort of thing, when I have the time, and have never been bothered (even when I was still definitely a Christian) by other religious perspectives.

At any rate, it was an interesting thing that I noticed, and good food for thought.

Edited to add:  Although I wrote this for myself and don't need feedback, Jews, Pagans, Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, whatever are all welcome to weigh in, if you feel like you've got a perspective to share.  This stuff is pretty interesting to me, and like I mentioned, I'm pretty accepting of most systems of belief, so long as they don't involve ritual baby slaughter or something.


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