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I'm gonna go watch Mad Max: Fury Road and read some books and make this granola and maybe some yummy baked goods, too.

Now I just have comprehensive exams in a few weeks, sigh.
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One of the first-year classes in my program requires everyone to find a professor to write a grant proposal with. Which is a great idea! Most of the proposals probably won’t receive funding, but it’ll be good practice for the future.

My problem is that I’m having trouble narrowing down my list of professors to talk to! I keep on going on faculty pages and reading about the cool research people are doing and adding to my list of potential people to work with.
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Went to my first ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend! It was fun, but I look forward to the day when I'm actually an asset to the team. I'm pretty sure that a few of the veteran women (who are all more skilled, knowledgeable players than I am) have only been playing for a year, so I think that if I keep with it I'll get better.

(Also, augh, it was a four hour drive away. Thank goodness none of the remaining fall tournaments are more than an hour or two. And I didn't have time to do any work over the weekend, so I feel like I need to play catch-up on stuff for school.)

But overall, good experience!

Also, I realized just how young most of these students are (since I'm on my school's team, it's mostly undergrads) when they were having a party on Saturday night and almost none of them were of legal drinking age. It's a total reversal from my year out of school, when everyone was either around my age (22/23, right out of undergrad) or older.


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