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Merry Christmas, you guys! I got Portal 2 and lots of CDs (The Decemberists, The Smiths, Stratovarius, David Bowie) and an Access Fund shirt and candy and a bag and a watch and craft supplies. And food was good and family was good (both my aunt and my grandmother approve of my boyfriend) and I just finished reading The Hunger Games series and my family's going indoor skydiving tomorrow (which I didn't realize until today, what?).


Dec. 18th, 2010 10:11 am
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As of...well, about a week ago, I'm done with the semester and back in North Carolina. I've mostly been reading or playing computer games or mucking around on the Internet, but it's still good to be back. I woke up on Thursday to a tiny dusting of snow, which already makes my hometown superior to my school in Florida. (Then again, there are some really nice things there, too, like the bay - perfect for watching sunsets and the occasional moonset.)

I'm not so great at being sociable, but I've already seen my old orchestra teacher and have been to my church. (I really love my church, you guys, even if I'm not always sure of my spiritual inclinations!) There are plans for meeting with a group of friends, probably after Christmas, for a mall date or something. I'm going skiing with my family and some other families on the 27th! My dad just brought up the possibility of ice-climbing a few days after that? (I've never been ice-climbing, but he's big into climbing and has gone before; it would be cool if he took me and I could say that I tried it.)

My younger sister got back from her school yesterday and my whole family went out to dinner before going to see the newest Harry Potter movie. I had already watched it once with a group of friends, but didn't mind going again. As annoyed as I get with my sister sometimes, I was happy to see her. :)

So! Things have been going well for me overall. They're pretty slow on a day-to-day basis, but generally good. Course evaluations have been trickling in; right now I have three out of seven and they're all pretty positive.

I hope that your winters have been going happily as well! (If they haven't, then I hope that things get better for you.)
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A) My family is driving me back to college tomorrow! I hope that I have a good year ahead of me. I probably should've done more stuff with friends this summer, but that's okay.

B) I babysat for three really sweet girls last night. They're one of my favorite families to sit for, because the kids are always friendly and fairly easy to handle. Their mother told me that her kids had asked for me, too! ^___^

C) My 10-15 page essay on Berlin films that was assigned back in January (but was given a due date of August 15th) got finished yesterday...on August 15th. Never mind that I've had the whole summer to work on it and only seriously started doing stuff about a week ago. I am willing to admit in this case that I am a poopyhead procrastinator.

D) My mother took me to see my grandfather on Saturday. Although he varies from day to day, he was...pretty out of it when we were there. (He has emphysema; he used to work as a higher-level in textiles, which is probably the main thing that caused it. Although he's on oxygen, we still think that he's having trouble getting enough.) On the plus side, my grandmother may be able to relax a bit more and take better care of herself now that he's been moved into a nursing home. She's been taking care of him for a while and it's really worn her ragged.

E) On a happier note, I'll probably get to watch Star Wars: Episode V with my family tonight! I'm one of those weirdos who hasn't watched the original trilogy, so this is a good thing. After this one, I'll only have to see Episode VI at some point.

F) My sister's bracelet (mentioned a few entries back) is pretty much finished. I just need her to come back from the beach so that I can know how big around it needs to be for her wrist!
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Over spring break I have:

- Beat Portal, and subsequently beat several of the advanced levels.
- Read a book - Ash, by Malinda Lo - and nearly finished the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
- Met for lunch with someone who I hadn't seen in two years or so
- Met for lunch with two friends that I had seen more recently, albeit not since the start of college
- Beat the computer at StarCraft for the first time (Thanks to my friend who's so obsessed with this ten-year-old game that he provided all of us with copies...)
- Done a little bit of homework
- Purchased a book and chocolates for a friend, and made her a birthday card - my mom and I are going to the post office in ten minutes or so

There's been lots of noodling around, yes, but I'm fairly happy. I think that my family's also planning on going out to eat tonight, and possibly doing something tomorrow!
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Today is the day that my dog is being put to sleep.

She's been sick since November, although I've missed the brunt of it because, until yesterday, I was in college hundreds of miles away. Apparently she was doing okay for a while, but has recently been suffering. It's hard for her to eat without throwing it up later; it's hard for her to walk, or go up (and down) stairways. It makes sense that she should be put to sleep, but it's still hard.

At least she's over twelve years old, now, so she's had a long, full life. It's just hard to let her go.

Although my mom isn't back yet from the vet, her appointment was at 2:00. It's likely that she's already gone.

To the sweetest, friendliest, most loving dog that I've ever known: Rest in peace.

In a day or two I'll probably talk about some of the happier events that have transpired recently (like the Avenue Q show, or being stranded in the airport with someone else from New College, or simply being home), but for right now I just want to be sad.


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