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In celebration of me passing my first-year comprehensive exam and the recent SCOTUS ruling (and because I like rainbows and baking), I made a rainbow cheesecake! This was my first time ever making a cheesecake, and I think it turned out pretty well! I used this recipe.

Pictures are not the best quality because I don't have a real camera.

Rainbow cheesecake with a slice cut out

Two more pictures behind the cut )
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Today, I had my first banjo lesson! From a friend who's in town for the month of June. I learned how to tune it, hold it, pluck it, and play a few chords and scales. I also learned the basic idea of tabs, since I've never played the guitar or any other instrument that uses them. The friend who agreed to teach me is a pretty cool guy, so I look forward to the rest of our lessons - he's fun and easy to interact with.

I guess that I never mentioned that I'm back at my college for the rest of the summer - I'm doing research in my professor's Optical Spectroscopy and Nano-Materials Lab. It has the potential to be kind of boring, I guess, but for right now I like my project (studying the ferroelectric phase transitions of barium titanate with the direct scanning calorimeter). I also get a stipend, so it's not a bad deal overall. This is the first time I've worked a 9-5 job (Duke TIP was full-time, but the hours were a little different), and it's an interesting experience. Eight hours at a time feels like a sort of long day to me, but once I'm done, I'm done. I don't feel very obligated to work on my research in the evenings, although that might change after I start actually doing things as opposed to just reading.

I've also spent a bit of time with some of my friends from fencing: R. and her boyfriend C., and the coach, who is an adult with a family, but who still manages to be fun and slightly odd (his house is full of disco equipment and really nice speakers - because he got them from his friends who rented a space to a gay club that didn't pay the rent) and incredibly good at making friends. Tomorrow is his birthday, and he's having some of us over for dinner at his house to celebrate. People keep on feeding me, which is great! I should learn how to cook at some point, but if my friends are going to make me dinner (this will be the second one this week from people who I fence with, and the guy giving me banjo lessons offered me a milkshake), then it won't even be necessary.

The house that I'm staying in is reasonable, and both of my female housemates seem fine enough. There are three dogs, though! Between two people. When I came home on Monday, one dog was chilling on my bed and another had ripped up a few unused tissues in my room. Silly dogs! I've started closing my door when I leave.

I like dogs, though, so I don't really mind.
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Barring any unexpected changes in plans, I'm going to see Wicked in late May! It's great, because a day or two after I was talking about how I hoped she hadn't forgotten (and months after the original proposal), my mom texted about buying tickets to see it with me.

I think that I'm doing okay on work, but I definitely haven't been as productive as I would have liked; hopefully today I'll do some math (Partial Differential Equations, Probability) and maybe even some Physics (Statistical Mechanics, mostly). I also need to finish my scholarship application; it's been almost complete since Monday, but I still need to write a paragraph about my goals and future plans and such. Even now that I've chosen an undergraduate major, my future plans are pretty nebulous. I don't know what I want to do! I have a lot of half-formed ideas of things that I'd like to do, including stuff that's vaguely related to my academic background (research scientist, geophysicist) and stuff that's way out in left field (blacksmith/artisan, park ranger, librarian).

I did make soup yesterday! Pasta e fagioli, from a pretty cheap, easy recipe that my mom sent to me a while back. I figured that spring break would be a good time to try cooking, since I have a lot of time, not many people are around, and the food service is pretty limited.

I also have hung out a little bit with the few people who are around over break, which has resulted in me seeing a few new shows. I watched two episodes of the My Little Pony show with all three of my friends who are around, the first episode of White Collar with J, and the first episode of Being Human (U.K.) with my roommate K. I haven't played frisbee or Skyrim yet with C, though. It's been gorgeous outside; I should really get on that soon.

Anyhow, I think that I ought to try productivity for a while. Maybe I'll go to the library so that there's less option for me to goof around.


Aug. 9th, 2010 11:26 am
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I made my chocolate fudge cookies from my friend's recipe on Saturday! They contain a lot of chocolate and butter and other things that are meant to be consumed in small quantities, but they taste so goooood!

This is what they look like when they're filling up the cookie jar!

Also, off topic:
In terms of college textbook-buying, saves my life.  That, and international editions.  For serious--even though I could probably, technically afford to purchase books at full price, things like the Stewart Calculus 6e priced at $225 new or $100+ used were making me go all D: .


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