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Barring any unexpected changes in plans, I'm going to see Wicked in late May! It's great, because a day or two after I was talking about how I hoped she hadn't forgotten (and months after the original proposal), my mom texted about buying tickets to see it with me.

I think that I'm doing okay on work, but I definitely haven't been as productive as I would have liked; hopefully today I'll do some math (Partial Differential Equations, Probability) and maybe even some Physics (Statistical Mechanics, mostly). I also need to finish my scholarship application; it's been almost complete since Monday, but I still need to write a paragraph about my goals and future plans and such. Even now that I've chosen an undergraduate major, my future plans are pretty nebulous. I don't know what I want to do! I have a lot of half-formed ideas of things that I'd like to do, including stuff that's vaguely related to my academic background (research scientist, geophysicist) and stuff that's way out in left field (blacksmith/artisan, park ranger, librarian).

I did make soup yesterday! Pasta e fagioli, from a pretty cheap, easy recipe that my mom sent to me a while back. I figured that spring break would be a good time to try cooking, since I have a lot of time, not many people are around, and the food service is pretty limited.

I also have hung out a little bit with the few people who are around over break, which has resulted in me seeing a few new shows. I watched two episodes of the My Little Pony show with all three of my friends who are around, the first episode of White Collar with J, and the first episode of Being Human (U.K.) with my roommate K. I haven't played frisbee or Skyrim yet with C, though. It's been gorgeous outside; I should really get on that soon.

Anyhow, I think that I ought to try productivity for a while. Maybe I'll go to the library so that there's less option for me to goof around.
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I'm at college now, and have been at college for a little over two weeks. I haven't stopped checking this site completely, but I haven't been commenting much.

I'm taking six classes again this semester, which is busy but seems to be going all right. I need to make sure that I enforce a good bedtime, though; even on days when I don't do as much work, I've been getting to bed after midnight.

Classes )

As anyone reading this might've gathered, I'm still pretty seriously considering a Physics major. I enjoy so many different subjects (so many!), but Physics is something that I can see a lot of different possibilities in (as opposed to Religious Studies or some of the other things I've been considering). I may not end up as a lab researcher, but I can take it into biopsych or archeology or astrophysics or meteorology or engineering or arms history (like V-2 rockets or U-boats or airplanes - so cool!). This isn't to say that I'm 100% decided on anything yet, but I'm certainly leaning in that direction at the moment.

Other stuff? People (friends) are still nice to hang out with. Yay! I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with others recently, which we all enjoyed. Most of the other stuff that we do together is fun but probably not very interesting to talk about; we watch things (sometimes), hang out, play video games, play other kinds of games, talk, and just do general college student-y things.

Oh! I did join Parkour club. I had doubts, but the first meeting was a whole lot of fun! We learned how to vault onto/over walls (I can't do much of the "over" bit yet, unless I'm working with a fairly short wall) and roll (to break falls, I suppose).
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I went today to the high school graduation party of one of my friends from church. Once I got there, it was pretty nice. Nothing too fancy, but there were old pictures (some of them really embarrassing) of my friend on display along with a table of snacks and refreshments.

As it was a house that I had never visited in an area that I don't frequent, though, I screwed up on my first attempt at driving there. Of course--I always have some sort of fracas with new directions, to the point where I can predict if I've never been somewhere before that I'll make at least one wrong turn. :P To be fair, I followed the directions perfectly this time until I found that the turn I needed was blocked off.

On the plus side, no anxiety! (I often get irrationally anxious about certain types of social gatherings, maybe not extreme enough to call a phobia or disorder, but enough that I have to push through my fears a bit before going to parties and things.) I mean, I was worried a few hours beforehand, but then I made myself calm down; I felt perfectly fine after that. Maybe if I continue to remind myself that most of my fears are unfounded, I will eventually come to worry less about this sort of thing.

Reading that above paragraph...yikes! I'm pretty mentally healthy, for the most part, but seeing my anxieties in writing makes me wonder if that part of me is normal.
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Over spring break I have:

- Beat Portal, and subsequently beat several of the advanced levels.
- Read a book - Ash, by Malinda Lo - and nearly finished the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
- Met for lunch with someone who I hadn't seen in two years or so
- Met for lunch with two friends that I had seen more recently, albeit not since the start of college
- Beat the computer at StarCraft for the first time (Thanks to my friend who's so obsessed with this ten-year-old game that he provided all of us with copies...)
- Done a little bit of homework
- Purchased a book and chocolates for a friend, and made her a birthday card - my mom and I are going to the post office in ten minutes or so

There's been lots of noodling around, yes, but I'm fairly happy. I think that my family's also planning on going out to eat tonight, and possibly doing something tomorrow!


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