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Hi, guys - sorry that I haven't been around as much recently.  I don't have much news to report, except that I went with my family to Myrtle beach last week, and that was nice, minus the sunburn.


Thanks so much to anyone who nominated and/or voted for me, and thanks to [ profile] sporkyadrasteia  for making all of the lovely graphics.  Ravenclaw House rocks!  Except that I feel a tad guilty now for being lurker-tastic this term, oops.

Hopefully I will soon have something more interesting to say, but for now, I hope that you're all doing well!
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I'm so, so sore.

I was at the lake for much of this weekend with some family friends - they have a lakehouse, a motorboat, and some other stuff.  I tried learning how to wakeboard, which I was okay at for a beginner, I guess.  I got up out of the water easily enough, but couldn't get used to the idea of putting one foot straight in front of the other. D:

It was fun,


My back and arm muscles are now *dead*, or at least super-tense.


I completely missed Hogsmeade voting! *wails*  Is it usually only one day?

Are any of my flisties willing to show me their Hogsmeade entries, since I didn't get to see any?  I was very much looking forward to that, and now I can't see them at all. :(


Aug. 5th, 2008 05:21 pm
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*dances around the room*

This whole thing is looking like a lot of fun!
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I was perusing random stuff and found out that H_E had a contest a while back (or lotsa contests, actually), and I know that I'm not in H_E and that even if I were this wouldn't be of much use, but the point is... I couldn't resist!

Hee.  It has also occurred to me that I should do a drawing of Luna at some point, since she's the most awesomest character an' all.

Actually, the Dumbledore is one of my better drawings, but I'd really class it as one of my best *people* drawings...and it's better in real life, but  the scan is good enough that I'm willing to share.

Also, I want my application to drop! (obviously...)  Just crossing my fingers that I'm not squibbed.

Also (hopefully this shall be the last), I changed my account back to plus.  I think that I found a way for the ads to be there without getting obnoxiously in the way.
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My application to sorting_elite is now in the queue! :D  I hope that they like me it turns out well...

Whatever happens, I expect it will be fine.  Of course I'd prefer if the sorting went well, and people there wanted me, but even if I got royally Squibbed I expect I'd be a little sad, a little embarrassed, and then move on.  Because it's not worth it to be upset over something like that.

And now for the chess piece...


Your result for Which Chess Piece are You Test?...

The Queen's Knight

Congrats! Only 4-5% of the population score this!

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Not all life is rosy and this Knight is not exempt from disappointment or frustration with humanity. They may feel incompetence when dealing with their own ethical values. Things aren’t simply white black, but a grand battle of Good versus Evil. Evil must be reckoned with but Good shall eventually win. It is not that they fight evil, but that they fight for the essence of moral good. Doing something good is quite satisfactory for them and indeed increases their happiness. It is when something is not reciprocated to them that they are saddened and disappointed by others. They learn that others aren’t as self-sacrificing.

The Queen's Knight is dominated by an inner world of intense feeling and deeply rooted ethics. They seek to form their life based on their views. They are highly curious of those around them so are readily accepting of others unless their values are being threatened. They promote insight and understanding amongst others and contribute well thought ideas. They however can be a bit too idealistic.

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