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Sometimes when I go without writing for a while I feel guilty, until I realize that this whole journal thing should be for me, anyhow, and that it shan't do me any good if I write in it without really wanting to.

So. I've seen the new Harry Potter movie - went to the midnight showing on opening night with some friends, in fact - and for the most part quite enjoyed it. A few notes, which may or may not be spoilers:

Err, don't read this if you're not interested or you haven't seen the movie yet, I guess? )

After the movie we went back to my friend's house where the three of us at cookie dough and filmed, of all things, a very silly Harry Potter fashion show (I was Trelawney!) and a new rendition of "The Mysterious Ticking Noise", which you should see (the original, I mean) if you haven't already.  All was great fun, although I was very tired the next day.

I've been reading a lot recently, which is fantastic, and my most recent conquest has been The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco.  It's got mystery and theology and history and even a Holmesian-style character in it, so it proves so far to be a rich and interesting read.  I've also been going through quite a few of the works of Diana Wynne Jones over the past few weeks, having acquired (and finished) House of Many Ways just a few days ago and having re-read the first four Chrestomanci books (which are also quite excellent) within the last week or two as well.  (Did you know, by the way, that there are now six of them instead of four?  I didn't, and so I've still yet to start on the two that didn't exist when I was reading this series years ago.)  This July in general seems to be my "Reclaim My Lost Bookworm" month, which is good, definitely.  In elementary school I used to read avidly; we had one of those systems where you could read a book and take a quiz about it on the computer for "points" of some sort (they didn't do much, but we got recognition) and I was always at or near the top of the school.  (Geekiness apparently starts early.)  As I've gotten older, busier, and more attached to the computer, however, my reading's gone down a bit, and so I'm glad to get it back.

Various other things worth mention include the fact that I am currently leaning towards taking Hebrew next year at New College (as opposed to French or Russian, although I could still probably sway back towards Russian with enough convincing), the fact that my family's dog is getting old and fat-ish and out-of-shape and that because of this I have resolved to walk her more often, and the fact that my viola practice has been getting slightly better than it has been in the past.  I also have a new plotbunny formulating in my brain that potentially involves gnosticism and speculative fiction.  Fun, fun.

Partially out of curiosity, and partially because I wouldn't mind more book recommendations, what have any of you guys been reading (or wanting to read) recently?  Anything good?  (Also feel free to comment on anything else in this entry, obviously.)

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I was perusing random stuff and found out that H_E had a contest a while back (or lotsa contests, actually), and I know that I'm not in H_E and that even if I were this wouldn't be of much use, but the point is... I couldn't resist!

Hee.  It has also occurred to me that I should do a drawing of Luna at some point, since she's the most awesomest character an' all.

Actually, the Dumbledore is one of my better drawings, but I'd really class it as one of my best *people* drawings...and it's better in real life, but  the scan is good enough that I'm willing to share.

Also, I want my application to drop! (obviously...)  Just crossing my fingers that I'm not squibbed.

Also (hopefully this shall be the last), I changed my account back to plus.  I think that I found a way for the ads to be there without getting obnoxiously in the way.
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So that's just some old hymn, and somehow the title seemed to fit my mood.

Four days of RealSchool left.  RealSchool is when you actually go to class and stuff, and don't take the end-of-year exams.  Quite honestly, I'm ready to be done.  I like school, and I like some of my teachers and some of the people there, but the work is a big, biiiig drain, both mentally and physically (as in, sleep loss).

I expect I will miss some of my friends, but especially those seniors like Nicole who will be off to college for next year.  Actually, she is the Main Senior Friend.  Anyhow, she's nice and funny and sarcastic and offbeat and entertaining and just plain awesome.  So I will be sad next year when she isn't in orchestra class.

Speaking of orchestra, I kinda hope that I've gotten into Orchestra Four, but I could see myself being quite happy next year in Three again.  Three is the better environment, and Four has the prestige and they have the added bonus of playing supercool songs every now and then, like Night on Bald Mountain.  It's just that most of my orchestra friends next year will be in Four (or will be completely gone), so that sways my preference a bit in that direction.  Also, it would be sort of nice to know that I made it to the top group.  I have decided to view it as Fate, because my orchestra class will also determine, most likely, what social studies class I take next year.

O Brother Where Art Thou is a good movie, and has good music (assuming that you like that gospel-y, soul-y feel to it).

There was something else that I was going to write; I know it.

In the meantime, I've been toying with the idea of applying to a Harry Potter community.  It's called [community profile] hogwarts_elite, although you have to join at [community profile] sorting_elite and be sorted (or squibbed) first.  Yes, I know that this is geeky.  But it looks (and sounds) like it might be fun.  ...Don't judge me! :)  *sigh*  I can only hope that when I apply, they'll like me there.  I also hope that my application doesn't come off sounding like a push, either, because I would be happy being sorted into any house, but I have an idea of where I think that I would best fit in.

I've also been thinking about getting a haircut.  Well, more than just thinking, to be entirely honest.  I plan on chopping off my hair to at least the shoulders, if not higher, and possibly getting side bangs or something.  Long hair is nice, but it just gets so annoying sometimes - at least, I know that mine does.  Also, short hair is cute when done properly.

You know, this might be the longest entry that I've written in a while that I'm actually going to make public.  It's not extremely interesting, but I feel like it has enough


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