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The guy at the place I'll be working just sent me a syllabus for what I'll be learning and doing while on the farm, and I'm excited again! I didn't realize there would be an actual curriculum, with readings and lots of fruits and veggies to deal with. :)

In other news, I need to finish figuring out grad programs so that I know whether or not I'll have to take the Physics GRE. I don't really want to, but it would be silly to avoid programs because of that.

In other other news, my uterus doesn't like me very much today (though my periods have never been "bad" in the way that many people's are). It's feeling okay right now, though, and is probably just a sign that I need more exercise (which I was thinking, anyhow).
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Another 6.4 miles today! I'm killing it, y'all. Maybe if I keep this up I'll be able to do it consistently (aka not just with a lot of sleep and the right weather) and it won't even feel like a fluke.

(In an hour and 20 minutes, so not especially fast, but not horribly slow, either.)


Dec. 17th, 2012 06:28 pm
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So, I ran 6.5 miles earlier today, with no training except for the occasional jog to the bay (maybe a mile at best) and court soccer game. I didn't even know that I could do that!

The temperature was perfect, too, which probably helped a lot.
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So! I have gained a bit of weight since entering college. It isn't that surprising when I think about all of the spontaneous ice cream parties that I had with friends in the school cafeteria, or the fact that in my more sedentary periods I get serious exercise maybe a few times a month. I'm still quite comfortably in the healthy weight range for someone of my age and height, but I want to be healthier!

My official goal for right now is just to exercise for a reasonable amount of time every day, maybe excepting Sundays. For the past two days, I've been getting up at around my usual time in the morning (anytime from 7:30 to 8:30) and going jogging before it gets too hot outside. I've been enjoying it so far, and think that it would be great if I could work up to longer distances! I've done jogging before, but I've never gone much more than 5k-distance (3.1 miles) in any given run. I never actually train, though, so I bet that if I stayed disciplined and ran every day I could at least double that. Even if the running thing doesn't work out, though, (I'm pretty undisciplined!) I'm sure that I can find other ways of being less sedentary, like using the stairstepper, playing DDR, or learning the "Gee" dance.

I do have a few things going for me, like good genetics! I'm lucky to have a decent metabolism and a higher-than-average baseline level of fitness; even when I'm woefully out of shape, like I am now, I can jog a 5k (slowly!) and generally sustain enough energy to do semi-athletic activities. I also tend to eat pretty healthily. Although I snack a bit too much and probably consume more sweets than I should, my actual meals are fairly balanced and I enjoy fruits and vegetables.

Officially, my goal is just to get back in shape and be healthier. Unoficially, I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds - five, maybe, or ten maximum (since I'm pretty short and not actually overweight to begin with). Whether or not I lose much weight, though, it wouldn't hurt to burn off a bit of the extra body fat that I've accumulated since leaving high school. I don't necessarily need to look like my high school self, since I'm a really late developer (runs in my mom's side of the family) and didn't even get hips and a chest until sometime in my junior or senior year. I would, however, like to be less flabby and more toned, which I can accomplish with exercise! And maybe by trying to limit my compulsive snacking habits just a tad.

I'm posting this here, publicly, so that I will be more likely to hold myself accountable.


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