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Good things:
- Raspberries, frequently (I've been collecting small basketfuls every few days).
- Lots of homemade apple cider (non-alcoholic).
- An attempt at a few gallons of alcoholic cider.
- Food in general.
- An addendum to the above: Today E. made chai lattes from scratch, and whipped cream (with vanilla and sugar and raspberries) for dessert. It was really good.
- I have a ticket for a Streetlight Manifesto show in Chicago in a few weeks, and have high hopes; their last show I attended was a lot of fun. C. and several of his friends from high school will also be going.

Less good things:
- I'm signed up for the Physics GRE (a week after the concert), and there's a real chance that I'll do poorly. I've been studying, but there's a lot of material to cover and I can't tell if my study has even been helping. I guess that the best thing to do will be to reevaluate my approach and do the best I can; and remember that it doesn't have much bearing on things (i.e. most of the grad programs I'm contemplating don't require it).
- I'm surrounded by interesting books and have several ideas for personal projects I want to attempt, but the Physics GRE is hanging over my head just enough that I don't feel like I can devote significant free time to the things I want to be doing.
- Life plans? I haven't made much headway on those.
- The internets here are super slow.

Overall, more good than bad, except for when it's really, really hot outside and I'm (rolling up grape netting so that it can be stored/pulling up ALL the turnips/doing some other task that takes at least a few hours) and then everything sucks and I'm tired and overheated.


Sep. 12th, 2013 12:22 am
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Today was a good day. It was a day for wrestling with tomato plants. And picking apples! I mostly grabbed the fruits I could reach (either from the ground or the Kubota), but I got to climb one of the trees and shake its branches! Tiring, but much more fun than the day of pulling ALL the turnips in 90-degree heat. (I filled most of a garage with those.)

Apples (at least four different types) on the floor of the wine cellar!

This picture sucks because my (dumb)phone took it, but we picked enough apples today to cover a sizeable portion of the cellar floor. Some of them will become desserts. More will become cider!

So far, things are good here. I'm glad that E. (the daughter of M., who I'm working for) is here right now; she's been helping out and showing me how to do a lot of things (because I do not know how gardening works).

C. has already visited once; he biked from over an hour away to come and see me at this very remote place, and it was wonderful. I think that I get to have weekends with him, too.
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I'm going to Wisconsin in a week or two and it's exciting but also a little bit scary.

I'll be working on a farm-type thing? That's also a spiritual/artistic center, with its annual meeting in October? They grow grapes for wine and have a garden.

The main thing making me nervous is that I should be there for two months (maybe more), and most of it will just be me and the institute's founder. I hope that we'll get along well. My S.O.'s aunt (who is wonderful) is the one who put us in contact, though, and I trust her.
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I finally saw The Avengers courtesy of Netflix and an evening spent with the philosophy instructor, who is awesome. I liked it! Black Widow is badass and Iron Man is Iron Man and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) is an incredible actor. We were both working on games that we're making (him: a philosophy version of Marvel's Legendary, a deck-building game, me: Ricochet Robots).

Today I hope to go to the on-campus art museum; we took the robotics class for half an hour earlier just because, and it wasn't enough for me to get through all of the rooms. I've been thinking a lot about how it might be fun to draw again, either comics or otherwise, so I might bring my sketchbook with me as well. (Side note: I showed a friend NIMONA and he asked if I drew it, because it looked/sounded like me. I've never been so flattered.)

It also sounds like I'm going to be in Sarasota for a few weeks in August (and won't have to drive myself or pay for a plane ticket either way, because Lawrence and Lisa are going up and down at various points in time and I can catch rides with them).
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I met with a friend last Sunday who was passing through Athens (L., the fencing coach extraordinaire), and it was great in a lot of ways. We connect incredibly well on some level, and so conversation was easy and fun. It didn't (and usually doesn't) feel like much effort. We talked some about what the rest of his summer looks like, and the doings of mutual friends, and my future, and etc.

When the topic of my plans for the future came up, he encouraged me to look at really neat research and really good graduate programs in imaging and medical physics. It was really heartening (after I've been sucking at finding and applying for jobs) to hear someone say that I was good, really good, and capable.

He also said he'd ask his friends in relevant industries if they knew of any job openings. I have to remember not to rely too heavily on that, though. I wish that there were more entry-level physics jobs, or that the ones that were there weren't things like lab technician. Maybe I'm bad at finding the jobs?
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I passed my undergraduate baccalaureate examination/thesis defense yesterday! It wasn't bad at all, and could've been even better if I had more time to study the pertinent Physics.

This means that:
A) I'm graduating!
B) More free time! I got to play Ultimate Frisbee yesterday, and will probably get to do it again next week. I saw Iron Man 3 last night. I hope to play Bioshock Infinite soon. And do karaoke with a few of my friends. And bake cake/cookies with the newly formed Asexual group at my school. By finals/graduation week, I'm entirely done with schoolwork, which is nice. A friend who graduated two years ago will also be visiting.

There's less free time than I think, though, because I'm finally applying for jobs. I already have something (Duke TIP Robotics TA) lined up for the summer, but I need things to do after that. On the plus side, I've found a few things that I might be interested in doing. Also: My friend L. has already said that I can work on his wife's farm in Virginia for a month or two and any point in time if I want to. That gives me a temporary fallback if I have nothing, and a potentially fun thing to do otherwise.

Should probably think more about what/if graduate school, and whatnot, but I don't know what I want to do with myself yet. Rochester Institute of Technology's Imaging Sciences program sounds intriguing, but it's the only one of its type.

Not sure yet what will happen with C. We're staying together after graduation, but it seems likely that we'll end up going our separate ways if we end up heading in different directions or being in different geographical locations. That makes me sad to think about, but I tell myself that it'll be okay - and it probably will be.

Usually the future is scary, but at this moment in time, things feel okay.


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