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Good things:
- Raspberries, frequently (I've been collecting small basketfuls every few days).
- Lots of homemade apple cider (non-alcoholic).
- An attempt at a few gallons of alcoholic cider.
- Food in general.
- An addendum to the above: Today E. made chai lattes from scratch, and whipped cream (with vanilla and sugar and raspberries) for dessert. It was really good.
- I have a ticket for a Streetlight Manifesto show in Chicago in a few weeks, and have high hopes; their last show I attended was a lot of fun. C. and several of his friends from high school will also be going.

Less good things:
- I'm signed up for the Physics GRE (a week after the concert), and there's a real chance that I'll do poorly. I've been studying, but there's a lot of material to cover and I can't tell if my study has even been helping. I guess that the best thing to do will be to reevaluate my approach and do the best I can; and remember that it doesn't have much bearing on things (i.e. most of the grad programs I'm contemplating don't require it).
- I'm surrounded by interesting books and have several ideas for personal projects I want to attempt, but the Physics GRE is hanging over my head just enough that I don't feel like I can devote significant free time to the things I want to be doing.
- Life plans? I haven't made much headway on those.
- The internets here are super slow.

Overall, more good than bad, except for when it's really, really hot outside and I'm (rolling up grape netting so that it can be stored/pulling up ALL the turnips/doing some other task that takes at least a few hours) and then everything sucks and I'm tired and overheated.
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