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Current North Carolina politics are making me feel a terrible combination of sad, angry, and helpless.*

I don't know if anyone still reads this blog, but if you do and happen to see this post, recommend me your favorite and mostly non-depressing books, video games, television shows (I am fine with foreign dramas and anime), and other entertainment?

*For those who don't know what's going on and want to... )
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Posting this on all of my social media, because yay!:

My left leg (post-ACL reconstruction leg) is officially Good Enough For Sports. In fact, it's better in most ways (except for the hamstring).

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Guys. I have completely, unexpectedly turned into the type of person who is excited (!?) about the Super Bowl. I have never before cared one bit about football (for reference, just last week I had to look up the different point values attached to different types of scoring), so this is new.

There are two reasons I'm excited, I think:
(1) The Carolina Panthers ("my" team - I'm from North Carolina) are playing in the Superbowl, which is not a thing that happens regularly.
(2) Now that I've played a competitive team sport (ultimate frisbee), I can kind of connect the happiness that I get when I play well (making good cuts, throwing well, scoring points, etc.) with the excitement that the football teams must feel when they play well. It sounds really dumb, but I think it helps me feel mildly more invested than I ever was before.

So, yeah, looking forward to actually watching the game this year. And then forgetting about it approx. 2 days later, because let's be real, I am the fairest of fair-weather fans.
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1. What did you do in 2015 that you'd never done before?

- Shoveled aaaalllll the snow.
- Made and presented my first scientific poster.
- Passed my Ph.D. comprehensive exams.
- Made a cheesecake. Also, multiple pies (cranberry and pumpkin). Also, profiteroles (aka creampuffs). Cinnamon swirl bread. And probably some other baking projects that I forgot about.
- Visited Canada! Twice!
- Saw Niagara Falls.
- Learned how to change a bicycle tire.
- Made my own pulled pork in the oven! I don't cook much meat, but when I do, I go all in.
- Tore my ACL (boo). Got surgery on my knee. Went to physical therapy.
- Taught someone else how to drive a stick-shift (in this case, my boyfriend needed to be able to drive my car when I got knee surgery).
- Wrote a research proposal for a fellowship application.
- Joined a community orchestra in Rochester!

More under the cut, including a giant picture of a fat pony )
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Last night I was really tired, and even though I had homework to do, I wasn't feeling capable of much of anything. So I blew off my work to watch Kamikaze Girls.

What a sweet movie! I had never seen it before, but a slightly silly (and heartfelt) story about female friendship turned out to be exactly what I needed. (Also: a couple of my friends in high school were into Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, so it was fun to see the actual store featured in a film.)

And then C. came back from his weeklong trip to see friends and family (he went back home because a friend of his from high school passed away) and we snuggled and watched the first few episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena. At first he was all "Eeeemily this show is weeeird", but I think that he got into it a little bit.


Other good news - I can't remember if I wrote about it on this blog or not, but almost exactly a month out from ACL replacement surgery, I'm walking around with a much smaller knee brace than the padded black leg-engulfing monstrosity that they gave me post-surgery.
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In celebration of me passing my first-year comprehensive exam and the recent SCOTUS ruling (and because I like rainbows and baking), I made a rainbow cheesecake! This was my first time ever making a cheesecake, and I think it turned out pretty well! I used this recipe.

Pictures are not the best quality because I don't have a real camera.

Rainbow cheesecake with a slice cut out

Two more pictures behind the cut )
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My comprehensive exam is over! I won't find out if I passed for another week or two, but I think (hope) that I probably did.

Right now I'm tired. I don't want to nap; I'd rather do other fun and/or mindless things; but I think I need a bit of rest.

Tomorrow marks the start of summer league ultimate frisbee. I'm a little nervous that it might be too much party for me, but we'll see.
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Mad Max was great! I wouldn't go so far as to blanket-recommend it to everyone, but it's surprisingly tasteful for an action movie, is mostly about women, does a lot of show-not-tell worldbuilding, and also has awesome car chases and explosions (and guy whose sole job was to ride on the front of a car and play a flame-throwing guitar? Yeah, I don't know either).

Homemade granola is also delicious, although I took the salt down to 2 tsp.
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I'm gonna go watch Mad Max: Fury Road and read some books and make this granola and maybe some yummy baked goods, too.

Now I just have comprehensive exams in a few weeks, sigh.
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I was going to post about how I had a great time in Colorado with my boyfriend C.'s family the week after Christmas, but...well, maybe I still will talk (briefly) about that and then post a new year's meme shortly after.

His family is seriously great, all of them. They clearly tried very hard to welcome me, but even if they hadn't, I feel like I would've gotten along with them well. I was afraid before going that I would be horrible at cross-country skiing or that I wouldn't have anyone with me during the day of downhill skiing (since I stuck mostly to intermediate slopes), but those things were both false. Cross-country skiing was kind of like walking or hiking, and I liked it a lot. On downhill day, I was accompanied by people for the entire time I was there (and they never made me feel like I was holding them back, even though they're all more practiced than I am). The times at the vacation house - playing games, doing abstract art with C.'s mom, reading, cookie decorating, etc. - were also fun.

New Year's Eve in Denver was probably the worst part of the entire trip (C.'s friends were having a rare bit of drama/grumpiness, evidently), but I got over it. It helped that the friend I had most wanted to meet (and who was most curious about meeting me) came over to play Dixit with us on New Year's Day.

We (C., his sister, and me) also made croissants! They were surprisingly forgiving; even after we started with an overly sticky dough, messed up the timing at several stages of the process, and very slightly underbaked the first batch, they still turned out pretty well.

Basically, boyfriend has an A+ family and I really enjoyed spending time with him/them.
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NC AMENDMENT 1 IS DEAD (which is good for a multitude of reasons, not all concerning LGBTQ+ individuals)


I knew that this day would come, but I didn't expect that it would be so soon.
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One of the first-year classes in my program requires everyone to find a professor to write a grant proposal with. Which is a great idea! Most of the proposals probably won’t receive funding, but it’ll be good practice for the future.

My problem is that I’m having trouble narrowing down my list of professors to talk to! I keep on going on faculty pages and reading about the cool research people are doing and adding to my list of potential people to work with.
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Went to my first ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend! It was fun, but I look forward to the day when I'm actually an asset to the team. I'm pretty sure that a few of the veteran women (who are all more skilled, knowledgeable players than I am) have only been playing for a year, so I think that if I keep with it I'll get better.

(Also, augh, it was a four hour drive away. Thank goodness none of the remaining fall tournaments are more than an hour or two. And I didn't have time to do any work over the weekend, so I feel like I need to play catch-up on stuff for school.)

But overall, good experience!

Also, I realized just how young most of these students are (since I'm on my school's team, it's mostly undergrads) when they were having a party on Saturday night and almost none of them were of legal drinking age. It's a total reversal from my year out of school, when everyone was either around my age (22/23, right out of undergrad) or older.
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Emailed professors, sent job application follow-up.

Now to commit to the GRE, finalize my list of grad programs, and apply for more jobs. And also keep up with NaNoWriMo, which has been going relatively smoothly this year.

Even if I end up waiting another year to do the whole grad school thing, it feels like I should at least try. The worst that can happen is that I don't get in, or get in somewhere and decide not to go, in which case I won't be any worse off than I would by not applying at all.
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Think I'm gonna do modified NaNoWriMo this year! I found an idea that I'm excited to work on but only moderately invested in, so that I don't have to stress about messing it up.

Modified in the sense of prooobably not trying for the whole 50,000 words (maybe somewhere from 20,000 to 30,000 will be my goal), unless things are going really well and I end up wanting to write more. Winning feels great, but there are a lot of other projects I'm trying to work on right now - learning C++ so that I can make a music visualizer, figuring out grad school and job stuff, etc - and I think that a smaller word goal will be more productive for me.

Someday I'll do a comic project, too. Maybe even some this month, though likely not on a daily basis.
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It's snowing outside and it's not even November yet!
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Good things:
- Raspberries, frequently (I've been collecting small basketfuls every few days).
- Lots of homemade apple cider (non-alcoholic).
- An attempt at a few gallons of alcoholic cider.
- Food in general.
- An addendum to the above: Today E. made chai lattes from scratch, and whipped cream (with vanilla and sugar and raspberries) for dessert. It was really good.
- I have a ticket for a Streetlight Manifesto show in Chicago in a few weeks, and have high hopes; their last show I attended was a lot of fun. C. and several of his friends from high school will also be going.

Less good things:
- I'm signed up for the Physics GRE (a week after the concert), and there's a real chance that I'll do poorly. I've been studying, but there's a lot of material to cover and I can't tell if my study has even been helping. I guess that the best thing to do will be to reevaluate my approach and do the best I can; and remember that it doesn't have much bearing on things (i.e. most of the grad programs I'm contemplating don't require it).
- I'm surrounded by interesting books and have several ideas for personal projects I want to attempt, but the Physics GRE is hanging over my head just enough that I don't feel like I can devote significant free time to the things I want to be doing.
- Life plans? I haven't made much headway on those.
- The internets here are super slow.

Overall, more good than bad, except for when it's really, really hot outside and I'm (rolling up grape netting so that it can be stored/pulling up ALL the turnips/doing some other task that takes at least a few hours) and then everything sucks and I'm tired and overheated.


Sep. 12th, 2013 12:22 am
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Today was a good day. It was a day for wrestling with tomato plants. And picking apples! I mostly grabbed the fruits I could reach (either from the ground or the Kubota), but I got to climb one of the trees and shake its branches! Tiring, but much more fun than the day of pulling ALL the turnips in 90-degree heat. (I filled most of a garage with those.)

Apples (at least four different types) on the floor of the wine cellar!

This picture sucks because my (dumb)phone took it, but we picked enough apples today to cover a sizeable portion of the cellar floor. Some of them will become desserts. More will become cider!

So far, things are good here. I'm glad that E. (the daughter of M., who I'm working for) is here right now; she's been helping out and showing me how to do a lot of things (because I do not know how gardening works).

C. has already visited once; he biked from over an hour away to come and see me at this very remote place, and it was wonderful. I think that I get to have weekends with him, too.
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The guy at the place I'll be working just sent me a syllabus for what I'll be learning and doing while on the farm, and I'm excited again! I didn't realize there would be an actual curriculum, with readings and lots of fruits and veggies to deal with. :)

In other news, I need to finish figuring out grad programs so that I know whether or not I'll have to take the Physics GRE. I don't really want to, but it would be silly to avoid programs because of that.

In other other news, my uterus doesn't like me very much today (though my periods have never been "bad" in the way that many people's are). It's feeling okay right now, though, and is probably just a sign that I need more exercise (which I was thinking, anyhow).
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I'm going to Wisconsin in a week or two and it's exciting but also a little bit scary.

I'll be working on a farm-type thing? That's also a spiritual/artistic center, with its annual meeting in October? They grow grapes for wine and have a garden.

The main thing making me nervous is that I should be there for two months (maybe more), and most of it will just be me and the institute's founder. I hope that we'll get along well. My S.O.'s aunt (who is wonderful) is the one who put us in contact, though, and I trust her.


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