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Recently I've had REU stuff on my mind a lot...even though my chances for getting one are supposedly at least reasonable, I'm not convinced that any of them will take me. I reapplied to work at Duke TIP today, although I mentioned that I would prefer being a TA over an RC this year. I'd definitely be happy to work for them again, and the main reason I can think of for them potentially not taking me back is if most of the positions are already filled. It's best to put in an application by January or February, but I was afraid of getting an offer and being put in the position of not knowing whether or not I should accept it - as much as I like TIP, I'd take almost any research internship over it.

Sorry, anyone who reads this. I don't want to be a huge complainer; I just feel a little bit anxious and a little bit inadequate right now. Also, I'd rather prepare myself for the worst so that I'll be okay if I end up working at home over the summer or excited if some program does accept me.

Edit: Also, I just received an email from one of the programs to which I applied telling me that I wasn't considered for their program because my application package was incomplete. I have the sinking suspicion that one of my recommenders didn't send in a letter and hope that it's a one-time fluke rather than a common trend. :(

In other news, I'm behind in several of my classes (not so great), although I think I'm doing okay in Statistical Mechanics (good). Also, I have a big musical performance thing tonight at 8 that incorporates the ensemble I'm in along with a few other groups, so that should be exciting. Still need to figure out what I'm wearing, because clothing is hard and I'm not very good at it.

Also! I've totally been enjoying myself in Goju recently, fencing is good (although our coach might be leaving us?), and I finally went to frisbee last Sunday - it was fun! So I'm at least not sitting in my room all the time.

And did I ever post about how C's aunt and sister came down to visit him a few weeks ago? That was cool. They took me to a play (Once in a Lifetime - it was pretty funny) and then back to their hotel room afterwards to talk and eat brownies. We also cooked pasta and vegetables (that his aunt got from the farmer's market) together for dinner the next night, which was fun and tasty. I felt very honored to be included in some of their family activities and was relieved to find that talking to them felt fairly natural.,

And there was karaoke last night with two of my roommates and our fencing coach, his treat. In such a small group, I sang a lot more than I have at karaoke in the past. I like singing, but am a little bit more shy and definitely less pushy than a lot of my friends. That was fun too.

Tl;dr - I'm a little bit stressed, but there's a lot of good stuff in my life too. Sometimes it's important to maintain perspective.
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As I said before, this has been one of my favorite independent study periods in that I feel like I've gotten slightly closer to figuring out balance. The past few days have not been as good, workload-wise, but a large part of that is owed to the fact that I had six REU (they're basically undergraduate research internships) applications due on the first of February and I put off much of the application process until the day before.

Miniclasses went on throughout all of yesterday and are continuing through part of today - basically, for those who don't know, they are scheduled 15-minute chunks of time in which a professor talks about a class that they are teaching and explains the type of material that will be learned, or workload expectations, or how capping procedures will work (who will be let into the class), and other pertinent information. In my first year of college, I went to a miniclass in nearly every time slot; I've since grown a bit more relaxed.

I did find out that I apparently should take Probability alongside Statistical Mechanics; with Partial Differential Equations and/or Solid State Physics (depending on whether one of them can be convinced to move to a non-conflicting time), that brings me up to three or four Physics/Math courses for this semester, which is okay but more than I was originally counting on. For my fifth class, I'm looking into Entomology or one of the art classes - Drawing or Sculpture.

In other news, my laptop monitor has stopped working! Yay!

In other other news, I get to TA Gen Chem again next semester, and my adviser asked me if I'd also be interested in running a once-a-week hour-long session with his astronomy students.

In other other other news, these Original Sin Bars look delicious and I kind of want graham crackers and chocolate and powdered sugar so that I can make them now. Actually, this weekend should be a baking weekend anyhow. I already bought the chocolate chips for the cookies that I first made here and have prepared a few times since then. It's a pretty big recipe, so I might like to mail some to my sister this time.
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As of Thursday morning, I think, all of my evaluations from last semester were in. I passed everything (no real surprises there), although my Classical Mechanics professor said that I'd do better if I did more consistent work throughout the class. Which...fair enough. It's not like he was particularly mean about it, or anything, and it's accurate. All the other ones were nice, although I think that my favorites were Quantum Mechanics II and Western Monasticism. Quantum Mechanics II because apparently I did a lot of good things and earned a strong sat (satisfactory), and Monasticism because...well.

We had a project partway through the course that involved splitting up into groups and copying part of a manuscript (in this case, The Rule of St Benedict) with calligraphy pens into a quire of paper that we had cut, pricked, and ruled ourselves. Since I knew a little bit about calligraphy, I made an effort to mimic the Caroline minuscule script from the example manuscript he gave us to read online. This was not required, but apparently my efforts were appreciated.

"I particularly liked the beautiful minuscule with which you copied the text, in character and ductus similar to the writing of the eleventh-century monk Otloh of St Emmeram (who, incidentally, wrote a treatise on astronomy with William of Hirsau)."

I got compared to a real, live dead monk. And not even in general handwriting apparently looks like that of a specific guy. After I finished cracking up at the specificity of it all, I felt like a winner. At life.
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Today I am finishing my packing for college (which mostly means starting and finishing, because I am a master procrastinator), and tomorrow my family is driving down to Florida.  The day after, orientation starts.  Monday, my family is leaving.



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For the past few days I've been looking through the Fall 2009 course listings and trying to pick out a set of potential classes for next year. None of it's set in stone, mind you; this potential selection is just to send in so that I can be assigned an advisor (and also, for my own benefit because I don't want to go there in August with absolutely no idea of what to take). And I've finally gotten it mostly figured out, although the process of doing so was like bashing my head repeatedly against the wall for a few hours, except not, because it didn't give me a headache. Whatever.[Poll #1420194][Poll #1420194]
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Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[ profile] mmailliw gave me: senioritis, thinking, reading, orchestra, astronomy


Well, I am a senior in high school.  A second-semester senior.  And I am already into several schools that I am seriously considering attending next year.  This, along with my procrastinatory nature, lends itself automatically to senioritis (although I'm still quite good at getting all of my assignments in).  Moving on!


Uh, thinking is good?  I don't know.  I always have been into, or at least interested in, philosophy.  Ideas fascinate me even sometimes when I disagree with them, just as well-thought-out arguments can earn my respect even if my own opinions are different.  I suppose that one thing I could feasibly connect to this topic would be my constant interest in the nature of belief; I love to learn about the ideas and histories behind all different religions, and have been considering a major in religious studies, among other things.

In a slightly different vein, I've always been more of a thinker than a doer.  It's not so much that I won't do things - because I will - but simply that it seems like it's more in my nature to sit and carefully ponder, consider, or deliberate before jumping head-first into something.


I like books.  Om nom nom nom.  Seriously, though, I was actually kind of slow to start reading.  Apparently I had the ability, but was either too stubborn or too perfectionistic and afraid of failure to actually start reading at my ability level until sometime in the middle of first grade.  After that, I was unstoppable.  I devoured tons and tons of books and read way above my level, although the only concrete example I can think to give of this is the fact that I probably read the Lord of the Rings trilogy around what I estimate to be the fifth grade.  I do believe I've slowed down since then, what with all of the demands of schoolwork and extracurriculars, but I still would consider myself to be a pretty good reader and enjoy reading a lot.

Hmm, genres.  I'm willing to read in a bunch of different genres, although I tend to go more for fiction than nonfiction as a whole.  I like things that I would consider to be well-written.  Because I am lazy, I am simply going to

I joined orchestra in middle school, where I learned to play the violin because I couldn't decide between that and the cello, and my teacher made the decision for me.  She said that the school didn't have any half-size cellos.  I was small then, okay?

In eighth grade (or the summer before eighth grade, to be precise), I switched over to the viola on my own volition and have never regretted it.  I prefer the lower, richer sound of the viola to the higher one of the violin.  Also, there's a lot less snootiness and competition among the viola sections.  (Not that violinists as a whole are an issue, but in the upper orchestras particularly, some of them get to be rather

In my high school orchestra, we get to do lots of cool things!  I've visited Boston, NYC, and Orlando (did not vote for that location) thus far with my school's orchestra, and am already anticipating the trip to Chicago that we have planned for this year.  Also, by the time I leave my high school, I'll have seen Blue Man Group three times!  (Yes, this is an accomplishment, I think.)  Also, I like getting to play cool music.  My favorite that I've done so far would have to be Mendelssohn's Fingal's Cave, last year.  I plan to continue with the viola in college, but I don't want to study music.


Let's see:

- Pictures!  This year in my honors Astronomy course we get to operate remote telescopes and take pictures of various constellations/galaxies/nebulae/star clusters/other sky objects.  Very cool!  As of recently, I've started posting some of my color images up at [ profile] hourglass_sea .  (You can also find one or two, I think, over on this journal.  They've been tagged with "astro-awesomeness", I do believe.)

- Astrophysics!  Okay, so I used to think that I would find physics terribly dull.  And then I saw the light, with the help of books such as Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe.  And Astrophysics deals somewhat with the workings of the universe and of particles and oh my gosh, you guys, with gravity!  Do you realize how interesting gravity is?  ZOMG.  That doesn't even include all of the really cool things, like the dual wave-particle nature of light, or the awesomeness that is black holes, or relativity, or dimensions.  So, yes.  I like this subject more than I ever would have guessed because in middle school physics consisted of things like measuring velocity and that was that.  I am considering some sort of study in Astrophysics in college, although I'll obviously have to experiment a bit more with straight physics classes to see if I'll really like those.
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So that's just some old hymn, and somehow the title seemed to fit my mood.

Four days of RealSchool left.  RealSchool is when you actually go to class and stuff, and don't take the end-of-year exams.  Quite honestly, I'm ready to be done.  I like school, and I like some of my teachers and some of the people there, but the work is a big, biiiig drain, both mentally and physically (as in, sleep loss).

I expect I will miss some of my friends, but especially those seniors like Nicole who will be off to college for next year.  Actually, she is the Main Senior Friend.  Anyhow, she's nice and funny and sarcastic and offbeat and entertaining and just plain awesome.  So I will be sad next year when she isn't in orchestra class.

Speaking of orchestra, I kinda hope that I've gotten into Orchestra Four, but I could see myself being quite happy next year in Three again.  Three is the better environment, and Four has the prestige and they have the added bonus of playing supercool songs every now and then, like Night on Bald Mountain.  It's just that most of my orchestra friends next year will be in Four (or will be completely gone), so that sways my preference a bit in that direction.  Also, it would be sort of nice to know that I made it to the top group.  I have decided to view it as Fate, because my orchestra class will also determine, most likely, what social studies class I take next year.

O Brother Where Art Thou is a good movie, and has good music (assuming that you like that gospel-y, soul-y feel to it).

There was something else that I was going to write; I know it.

In the meantime, I've been toying with the idea of applying to a Harry Potter community.  It's called [community profile] hogwarts_elite, although you have to join at [community profile] sorting_elite and be sorted (or squibbed) first.  Yes, I know that this is geeky.  But it looks (and sounds) like it might be fun.  ...Don't judge me! :)  *sigh*  I can only hope that when I apply, they'll like me there.  I also hope that my application doesn't come off sounding like a push, either, because I would be happy being sorted into any house, but I have an idea of where I think that I would best fit in.

I've also been thinking about getting a haircut.  Well, more than just thinking, to be entirely honest.  I plan on chopping off my hair to at least the shoulders, if not higher, and possibly getting side bangs or something.  Long hair is nice, but it just gets so annoying sometimes - at least, I know that mine does.  Also, short hair is cute when done properly.

You know, this might be the longest entry that I've written in a while that I'm actually going to make public.  It's not extremely interesting, but I feel like it has enough


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