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A) My family is driving me back to college tomorrow! I hope that I have a good year ahead of me. I probably should've done more stuff with friends this summer, but that's okay.

B) I babysat for three really sweet girls last night. They're one of my favorite families to sit for, because the kids are always friendly and fairly easy to handle. Their mother told me that her kids had asked for me, too! ^___^

C) My 10-15 page essay on Berlin films that was assigned back in January (but was given a due date of August 15th) got finished yesterday...on August 15th. Never mind that I've had the whole summer to work on it and only seriously started doing stuff about a week ago. I am willing to admit in this case that I am a poopyhead procrastinator.

D) My mother took me to see my grandfather on Saturday. Although he varies from day to day, he was...pretty out of it when we were there. (He has emphysema; he used to work as a higher-level in textiles, which is probably the main thing that caused it. Although he's on oxygen, we still think that he's having trouble getting enough.) On the plus side, my grandmother may be able to relax a bit more and take better care of herself now that he's been moved into a nursing home. She's been taking care of him for a while and it's really worn her ragged.

E) On a happier note, I'll probably get to watch Star Wars: Episode V with my family tonight! I'm one of those weirdos who hasn't watched the original trilogy, so this is a good thing. After this one, I'll only have to see Episode VI at some point.

F) My sister's bracelet (mentioned a few entries back) is pretty much finished. I just need her to come back from the beach so that I can know how big around it needs to be for her wrist!
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Okay, so my last entry about books and religion and why I'm sort of Christian but in a few ways sort of not was enough long-winded contemplation for a little while! I want to share with you all something that I have made recently! If "over a week ago" actually counts as "recent", that is.

A discussion in a forum that I occasionally frequent inspired me to make a bracelet from embroidery floss. A purple plaid bracelet, that is. I went out to JoAnn's, bought this:

and used my newly-acquired supplies to make this:


It was based off of this pattern that someone posted, although I modified it slightly so that my bracelet would have a thinner band. I'm also currently making a bracelet for my younger sister as a belated birthday present in colors that she picked out:

I'm also in love with this plaid pattern (it is just so awesomely plaid) and this crazy pattern. I mostly just got really excited when I saw that website, though. The fact that one could make a plaid bracelet actually BLEW MY MIND.


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