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I finally saw The Avengers courtesy of Netflix and an evening spent with the philosophy instructor, who is awesome. I liked it! Black Widow is badass and Iron Man is Iron Man and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) is an incredible actor. We were both working on games that we're making (him: a philosophy version of Marvel's Legendary, a deck-building game, me: Ricochet Robots).

Today I hope to go to the on-campus art museum; we took the robotics class for half an hour earlier just because, and it wasn't enough for me to get through all of the rooms. I've been thinking a lot about how it might be fun to draw again, either comics or otherwise, so I might bring my sketchbook with me as well. (Side note: I showed a friend NIMONA and he asked if I drew it, because it looked/sounded like me. I've never been so flattered.)

It also sounds like I'm going to be in Sarasota for a few weeks in August (and won't have to drive myself or pay for a plane ticket either way, because Lawrence and Lisa are going up and down at various points in time and I can catch rides with them).
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About a month ago, I started taking a half-semester tutorial on graphic novels. It's been pretty interesting so far and involves relatively small amounts of work; we read graphic novels falling into a specific theme (underground, autobiographical, manga, etc.) each week and discuss them for two hours on Wednesday. The course also includes a written response component, in which we write a blog post or draw a comic pertaining to the week's theme. I usually just write a response, but for autobiographical week I drew something!

It was fun to make! :D I don't know how interesting it is to a general audience, but two of my roommates said that they liked it. I am pretty unfocused a lot of the high school for a while, I thought that I probably had some mild form of attention deficit disorder (not because of spaciness, but because I also have a few issues with attention and focus that I've had to compensate for in various ways).
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The person at the site above is trying to get one million drawings of giraffes by the year 2011. You should help! My giraffe is under the cut.

I promise that I can draw better than this when I actually try. )


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